How Long Should Your Blog Post Be? The Surprising Answer Backed By Data.

Welcome to a blogger’s world where one of the most burning questions is:  how long should my blog post be? Unfortunately there is no black and white answer is. For us, a lengthy article is ideal for our audience. For you, it depends. Let me explain.

The case for short content

Some believe that short and sweet is better. That may be the case. It depends. It depends on the audience. Sometimes you don't have to say much (ie: Seth Godin, fashion blogs, foodie blogs with recipes, Tumblrs, etc) and sometimes you don't need to say anything at all. If you can get your message across to your audience in a few brief sentences, then that's your ideal length. Case closed.

The case for long content

On the flip side, people can be very engaged with long content. Product scientist at Medium wrote an article revealing that The Optimal Post is 7 Minutes and Neil Patel points out that longer posts usually perform better on every level. Some benefits to longer content includes getting indexed, keyword variety, link backs and content shareability.

Here's our answer to ideal article length. Drum roll please ...

Based on the large pool of data we have on our platform over the last year we can confirm that the ideal length of content is 26-75 sentences.

We're seeing that longer content performs better overall than shorter articles/ blog posts.

But that's not all ...

For us, an engaging article doesn’t just depend on length. Many different factors determine the success of a blog post, like:

  • Spelling and grammar – On the Internet, the digital audience is used to seeing bad grammar and spelling but it doesn’t make it okay. Although we live in a world of short emails and text messaging, it is still important to use your spell check and be grammatically correct.
  • Paragraph density – you don’t want your article to be too dense. With smart phones and tablets, people will read your content on different devices but they won’t read the whole thing if your paragraph takes up the whole screen. Spacing, subheadings, a break of images and short paragraphs impacts your bounce rate. Keep people reading, don’t scare them away.
  • Title – this might be the most important factor of your article because it’s the first thing readers see before they decide if they want to continue reading your article. Make sure a title is click-worthy by following a few rules.
  • Audience – structuring your content so that it is relatable to your audience is imperative before you even start writing. Who are they? What are they interested in? How much knowledge do they have on the particular topic you are about to write on? In our estimation there are 5 distinct kinds of audiences who you are trying to reach. You can read more about it here.

These and other measures (Atomic Reach has more than 21 of them) attribute to the success of an article for your intended audience. Don't believe me? If you use Google Chrome, download our Chrome extension. In just a few seconds, you'll see how we help writers create quality content.

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