How Your Social Media Strategy Can Dramatically Shift in 2015

On March 16 2015, we welcomed the fabulous Britt Michaelian on the #AtomicChat stage. We talked about the many ways social media strategies will dramatically shift in 2015 and what marketers can do about it. Check out the full Storify recap here.

Here's what we discussed:

What apps are changing the landscape for marketers?

Our guest, Britt, says that overall there is a maturation in the app industry that is impacting social but the trick for these apps will be to rise above the noise and provide immediate value to the users. The #AtomicChat community responded with a variety of tools they see changing the landscape. Here are some of the apps mentioned!








Cyber Dust


How has content changed and what types of tools can help marketers excel?

"All web content needs to be not just mobile friendly but mobile forward." - Britt

"Content is less about sensationalism to draw eyeballs - we've gotten buzz-ennui - now it has to be more relevant."

- Diana

"Everyone drowning in content. But most content vanilla with no personality. Crack that: Get live audience to help crack." - AustraliaWOW

"Content was, is and shall always be about the reader. Without an audience, it's bunk in a page." - Ira

"Content has exploded. The oversaturation means a blog loses value if it isn't strategic and measured." - Wakefly

What is up with the idea of influence and influencers and do they matter?

Most people agreed that influencers are still not about numbers (ie: the number of followers) but about credibility, honesty, expertise and engagement. 

How has mobile changed the way marketers use social media?

The #AtomicChat community agreed that mobile will be huge, especially with Google in the game, who will soon be weighing mobile more in search so be prepared!

Marketers still want to "rise above the noise" on social media or has this changed in 2015?

"The trick is to become the next “IT” thing everyone wants and then stay there (again -> )....Rising above the noise is about understanding, speaking the language and caring about your user" - Britt

"Everyone wants to become what is talked about rather than get lost. But its more about finding those who want to listen." - Matt

How can content creators stay on top of trends and market shifts moving forward?

Staying updated and current through Twitter chats was a popular response. Check out the rest of them below.

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