How To Create Compelling Content That Converts Naturally

I am starting off with an apology for bringing up the dreaded debate over "conversion". If we can solve this huge debate we would all be rich, right?

There are, in fact, many ways to create a positive impact with your content which ultimately leads to conversion.

I work for a Content Marketing Saas start-up in Toronto named Atomic Reach. We have developed a tool that helps you optimize your content before you hit publish. Sounds magical right? It is and it isn't. We do not tell you what to write about. You run the ship. You, my friend, are the captain.  We, as in our tool, is really the navigator, guiding you accurately to your destination point.  Our tool, called Atomic Engager is an algorithm built on a series of 21 measures broken down into 3 buckets:

1.  Audience Match & Emotional Connection:

We address — by an analysis of your published content — who in fact is your ideal audience match (you may have more than one) and how your level of sophistication in wording, paragraph length, sentence length should reflect the way in which your most engaged audience responds to your content.

It is well known that something should strike a chord in you to motivate you to act on a piece of content besides being a well written piece. This is the Emotional Component in your story. The most boring topic can evoke an emotional response if you are able to relate in many ways to your audience. At Atomic Reach, we give you an idea of where you are and what you need to achieve emotionally compelling content.

2.  Structure:

SO IMPORTANT!  If you use our tool for title writing feedback (and nothing else), I believe that you will benefit by seeing your numbers grow and I guarantee you will love it and won't want to stop there.

Topics point out which key words and phrases occur in your post.  This helps you identify topics so that you align these with your overall content strategy.  There are halo SEO benefits here but we are not an SEO tool.

The age old argument about long-form content.  Is it dead? Through research we know that there is a sweet spot and a connection between content performance metrics and length which usually runs between 26 and 50 sentences.

Make sure they load fast and go somewhere valid, please.  Enough said.

3.  Language:

No need to say more.  This is obvious.

The highlight of this grammar tool is this: Research shows that people online respond to content more when written in Active Voice.  However, we understand that writers are time-starved and naturally sometimes we move in and out of active and passive voice.  The tool will help point this out for you which in turn, saves you time and energy from blurry eye syndrome.

The content creation phase is really when you have the utmost control of creating content that converts. Here are some tips to help with conversion once you have your story ready to go.

  • Don't be shy.  Publish, share and share some more
  • Find your niche: Which social channels are best for your business?
  • Find your voice: Break through the clutter and provide value
  • Make friends: Be human.  Talk to people human to human.  It goes a long way!
  • Don't give up: It isn't just one post that will create a natural conversion, it is a long term commitment of producing high quality content for real people.

Friends, conversion starts in the production phase by creating compelling content. When you do this, it will naturally convert.  The content creation process is as much about an art as it is a science and when the two fit together perfectly, this is when you will see the conversions start to happen.

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