How to Make Your Blog Deliver Real Value to Your Readers

You’re a blogger.

Your superpower is to quietly sit down at your laptop, where you’re equipped with your big brain, a witty turn of phrase, and an uncanny ability to connect with people you’ve never met. You might even write about the industry expertise you’ve gained through research, as opposed to first-hand experience.

This power may not seem as impressive as the ability to fly, spin webs or block speeding bullets with Bracelets of Submission. Yet, your ability to deliver value into the lives and careers of your readers is greater than most mere mortals.

Many companies claim to be dedicated to adding value to every customer interaction. Truth is, in many cases the value they are providing is lightening their clients’ wallets or taking up their valuable time. As a blogger, one of the biggest favours you can do for your readers is to provide information which is:

  • Credible
  • Coherent
  • Contextual
  • Consumable
  • Convenient


  • Unique

OK, so I ran out of “C” words. In any case, I’ll cut to the chase, and communicate how these characteristics create value for your clients. (Not to mention prospects, employees, supporters, and so on).


Being credible in your blogs demonstrates respect to your readers.

Instead of writing a spontaneous, emotion fuelled article based only on your point of view. Curate some third-party perspectives, industry data and success story data to substantiate your article.

Do yourself a favour, and link your blog to other expert content in your field who have helped you shape your perspective. Your message will resonate more with your reader, and you’ll build up your authority.


Take the time to make your blogs easy-to-read, understand and draw inspiration from.

Use tools like the AtomicWriter to ensure your content reads well, is a fit for your audience, and helps you grow as a communicator.

If you are finding it hard to capture your thoughts in words at times, seek out infographics, images and/or direct quotes which convey your meaning.


Let’s say someone walked into a coffee shop where you were working, dragged up a chair beside you, and tried to engage you in a conversation about String Theory. Would you feel comfortable engaging in the conversation, regardless of how educated the person was, or how gifted an orator they were?

Or what if you walked into the locker room of the Toronto Blue Jays, after they lost to the KC Royals in the ALCS and tried to talk to them about Global Warming? Do you think you would have much luck in capturing their attention? Creating value for your readers means creating and sharing content which your audience can use in their day-to-day lives, when they are inspired to go looking for it.  

Make sure your blogs help your readers solve the problems they are facing in the real world. The best way to find out what challenges exist, is to interview people in your target audience, and tell their stories.


Creating consumable, fresh content which readers can absorb all in one sitting, is more challenging than it seems. When making the transition from writing scholarly essays, books or even articles in print journalism, it’s challenging to write brief, inspiring blogs which can be absorbed through scanning on web pages.

The best way to communicate your vision on certain topics may extend beyond a traditional blog post. In some cases, a better digital marketing strategy is to create:

  • Infographics
  • Explainer videos
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Checklists


When you write a great article, blog or digital masterpiece of some sort, you want to get it into the hands, hearts and minds of those who will care the most about what you have to say. Make it easy for your readers to find the article, read it on their preferred device, and share it with others like them.

Beyond the simple SEO strategies which are widely available, promote your content in places like LinkedIn groups, industry forums and other community sites. Empower your audience to share your content with tools like SumoMe, or AddThis. Finally, make sure the site your articles are published on are responsive or mobile friendly.


If your message sounds like you are “singing from the same songbook” as every other industry expert (or wannabe) on the internet, your content and meaning will get lost. Search engines will reward you if you stand out from the crowd, and provide meaningful, unique information. (Like Moz’s Rand Fishkin does so well)

If you provide unique value, your readers will reward you by sharing your information, taking you up on your calls to action, and (yay) buying your products and services.


Are you ready to deliver content which delivers value to your audience?

Are you already delivering value, but haven’t been brave enough to engage with your readers in your blog comments section, or on social media?

It’s time to take the next step with your marketing writing efforts. Creating value in your content will keep your readers engaged, and move your company from vendor to strategic advisor.

Author Bio: Mark Burdon is a technology professional based in Barrie, Ontario. He has worked in sales and marketing for companies including IBM, Open Text and most recently The Portal Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM ​.Mark has provided B2B content marketing services to companies including Intuit, HireVue, and gShift . He is a freelance writer with Cloudworker Solutions. Follow him on Twitter: @mark_burdon



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