How to Find the Right Writers for Your Healthcare Blog

You've done your research and decided on topics. You feel confident about your new healthcare blog. 

But there's just one thing missing: a good writer to produce quality content.

The Importance of Good Content

In order for potential patients to find you, your healthcare blog needs to rank in search. Today's search engines rate pages based on quality.

Throwing a bunch of words on the page doesn't cut it anymore.

Not only do you want to get found through search, you want others to link to your content. 

Getting links and showing up in search engines creates a good online reputation. It also gets the attention of people who need your services.

Where to Look

The thought of hiring a writer seems scary. But you know that you don't have the time to produce quality content.

So what's a healthcare provider to do?

Learn where to look.

  1. Your Staff: A member of your team already knows what you do, your preferences and how you currently market your business. They won't need as much information to get going. If you have a marketing director or team, start there. But be sure that you're not adding too much to their responsibilities. Good content takes time. If your staff doesn't have it, look elsewhere.
  2. Your Patients: There may be a writer or two among your patients. Post a notice in your practice or send a letter advertising the need for writers.
  3. Job Boards: Specific sites for writers and bloggers, such as ProBloggerand BloggingPro, offer job boards for writers. These jobs end up on countless other writing sites, generating lots of applications. Look at professional organizations like the American Medical Writers Associationand European Medical Writers Association, too.
  4. Freelancing Sites: Sites like Upwork,Fiverr and GoLance allow you to post a job and registered freelancers compete to win the assignment.
  5. Content Agencies: There are two ways to buy content from agencies: choose from a marketplace of existing content and pay for the right to use it, or submit an order for custom content and have a writer assigned to your account. These companies often hire thousands of writers, so your order gets attention right away.

What to Ask

Once you find potential writers for your healthcare blog, ask the right questions. You need to make sure they meet your requirements:

  1. How much do you charge? Less is not better. Writers who charge less usually work based on quantity instead of quality. Expect to pay by the project. Weekly articles may get a monthly rate.
  2. What's included in your price? This includes number of revisions, turnaround time, images, and how you receive the final draft.
  3. Can I see samples of your work?
  4. Are you a healthcare writer? A note about this: you are writing for patients and not other doctors. A healthcare writer is great if you need in-depth writing about treatments or conditions. But not necessary. A good writer is a fast learner and able to provide satisfactory information.
  5. What is your turnaround time on first drafts? On revisions? This is the critical part of a writer's job. It's important to find out how long a writer will take to provide what you need.

How to Ensure Success

Once you choose a writer, it's important to keep communication open. The following tips will create a great working relationship:

Get a contract. Once you negotiate the details of your arrangement, get it in writing.

Stay in touch. Part of your contract should specify how you'll be kept in the loop. A good writer will address potential problems before they become serious.

Hire multiple writers. If you need more than one article a week, hire two writers. It's better to have a backup anyway.

These are just a few tips I've given to businesses who have no clue where to start. Have you hired a writer for your business? Tell us about it in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!

About the Author:

Sharon McElwee is a freelance writer with over 15 years of experience. She loves helping businesses grow their online presence through blogging and social media management. Connect with her on Twitter.

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