How MarTech and Content Marketing Work Together

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We asked Mary what the heck martech is. We found out that it is not technology from Mars. Compared to content marketing, martech is more technical. Whereas content marketing is creative and evokes emotions, martech involves if/then statements, ones and zeroes. Here is a more detailed look at martech. For the complete transcript, check out our Storify here.

What is MarTech?

 MarTech is the road on which leads and content travels
  MarTech is the tool for driving lead engagement and managing success
 MarTech is the foundation on which manage leads, optimization engagement, and drive sales

Why do Marketers Need MarTech?

What value do marketers get from Martech and content marketing working together?

When content marketing and martech work together, it improves ROI and pipeline performance. Here are some other reasons why:

  is the conveyor belt that delivers the widget (Content).
 marketing tech gives us the ability to track and measure all our content marketing!! What could be more beautiful?
  + allows you to map content to deal stage and see what moves your audience.

How do you select the best martech tools?


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