How Brands Can Be Better Storytellers

On Monday, March the 30th, 2015, we welcomed back our friend Mark Evans to the #AtomicChat stage. We talked about how brands must become better storytellers because we live in an increasingly noisy world. People, consumers and fans alike want to feel a human connection with brands. It is through stories where people are engaged in ways that are entertaining and educating.
Here is are some ways which brands can start to become better storytellers. You can check out the full Storify recap  here.

What are the benefits of brand storytelling?

Many benefits to stories - they let show you're unique, they are remembered and shared, they drive connections 

Short answer: Staying in business. Long answer: Staying in business. 

Stories are the way humans communicate with one another. It's the way we think naturally 

Attracting an audience, creating relationships, driving word of mouth. 

Storytelling makes your content relatable and easier to understand. 

Storytelling allows communities to see people behind the 'brand,' brands become more human thru relatable stories 

What are some of the keys to success?

Listening. But what you do with the info you get from listening is what really matters. 

Make the reader feel like they’re part of the story. Hook them in with feelings, not lecturing. 

Develop the story w/ audience in mind, set goals, tell it across several mediums, measure results, and keep sharing! 

Keys to success are setting goals that you can measure and knowing who/what/where you are going to be on social. 

How do brands get started with storytelling?

Storytelling also thrives by constantly doing it, and learning about what works & what doesn't. It's a journey 

You can tell your great story, just know where to tell it. actually reaching people. 

Brands should start by listening, internally and externally. 

The best storytellers are brands that have defined their WHY and tell stories based on that. 

Don't set parameters or borders or aspirations for "the" story. Let stories happen 

How can they tell if their stories are working?

Storytelling is part of the marketing arsenal, along with social media and content marketing 

Use social listening tools to gage public sharing & data tracking behind the scenes to get a bigger picture. 

You know you have succeeded when people begin telling and sharing themselves and their stories as a result. 

If its working,your audience will be repeating the story,trying to insert themselves into the story or trying to live it 

If you story begins to be believe, and told, with passion… success. Think Apple 

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