How a Health Clinic Blog Scores Big by Producing Quality Content

By lara

Our first priority at Atomic Reach is to assist our users to write intelligent content and ultimately improve your audience engagement. How do we know we can help? The proof is in the page views, we conduct case studies with our avid users to track improvement in engagement and the content quality.

Atomic Reach is not just for bloggers, we assist all types of content producers, whether it be academic journals, online publishing or a personal blog.  Working with one of America’s top health and medical blogs for over a year now, we continue to watch their engagement sky rocket.

This health clinic provides online services, health information, fitness and wellness tips including featured experts and writers who report current health and wellness topics that impact us today. Their goal is to provide detailed medical research, clinical care and education while integrating the general public towards their valuable content.

A series of their writers use our tool, the Atomic Ally, to assist with their content creation so they can always publish towards their target audience and achieve optimal engagement.

Make your Content Stand Out in a Crowd

You can find almost any kind of content on the world wide web so make yours stand out from the crowd. This is attainable by consciously writing towards your online audience. We assist in this process when you use Atomic Ally and we study and comprehend how online audiences read differently.

Understanding content readability is key. Writing towards your target audience sophistication and publishing towards that specific knowledge level can make a massive difference in page views.

Knowledge level is a key aspect of our scoring system, we identify the audience segment to write your content based on where your content receives the most engagement. If your content is not an article match we give you suggestions and simple edits to amend your article.

Another tip is to write in the active voice, no point in living in the past, it’s all about the now! The Atomic Ally can identify  passive voice instances and gives you suggestions on how to make simple edits. Tweaking your title towards an online audience grabs your reader’s attention and benefits your content for SEO purposes.

You should take care of your content just like you take care of your body! The Atomic Ally helps you take care of your content body by looking at paragraph density, invalid links and topic relevance to your title.

Inside the health clinic's content performance statistics

The health clinic is seeing  improvement in their content quality, audience engagement and overall brand awareness. The process behind this achievement may seem overwhelming, but it’s actually quite simple, it all starts with writing to your Atomic Score.

We assign your Atomic Score by analyzing and looking at when and where your content receives optimal engagement, ultimately, how well your content performs. We analyze the content written to the Atomic score compared to content below and look at the percentage  increase in engagement.

The health clinic's blog has an Atomic Score of 72, this means always aiming for this score when composing their content and in the meantime creating awesome content that resonates with their audience. Over the period of 4 months,  the blog continues to write articles to their score of 72 and achieves fantastic engagement, the largest increase is Web Traffic and Twitter engagement:

Web Traffic: this measure is looking at overall visitors to the articles and the increase they see with their web traffic.

+68% Page Views and +73% Unique Views

Twitter: this measure looks at the increase in  Retweets, Favorites and Comments.

+110% Retweets, +123% Twitter Favorites and +139% Twitter Comments

The method behind the health clinic's content improvement

The main goal of the health clinic is to write quality content and build a larger online audience to enforce their brand. By optimizing their articles using Atomic Ally, they are not only seeing an improvement in content quality but also experiencing a large jump in engagement.

They are realizing it is not just about hitting their score, it’s in the little details as well.

By using the Atomic Ally they are able to properly indicate measures that increase engagement with their content. Not only are they able to continually identify and write to their target audience level, by making small changes to title, ideal length, grammar, spelling  paragraph density and using language that evokes emotion, they see a substantial jump in engagement.

When the health clinic optimizes these important content measures they experience the following engagement:

Ideal Length of 26-75 sentences:

+169% Page Views, +173% Unique Views and +36% Twitter Retweets

Paragraph Density - articles with a high paragraph density score achieve:

+40% Page Views, +40% Unique Views and +42% Twitter Retweets

Title - articles with optimized titles achieve:

+99% Page Views, +99% Unique Views and +90% Twitter Retweets

You can check out our case study to see the improvement in the Health Clinic's content quality, web traffic and social engagement here.


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