Do You Want to Write Better and Attract a Crowd? You Need Atomic App for Chrome.

You are a thought leader in your space.

You are an amazing story teller, have a lot to say and already know that telling your story is critical to developing a wider audience.
That's why you've decided to share your stories and your message on an amazing platform like LinkedIn.
You know that your audience is thirsty for your knowledge and the ability to share what's on your mind to their community only grows your status with them and others.
That thirst quench though, is the end result of hovering over a laptop, ferociously typing away your thoughts and hoping it will resonate with your audience and ultimately theirs.
For many, putting pen to paper, or even finger strokes to keyboard is a frustrating experience. There is the invariable second guessing around tone and language. There is the worry that a word (even though it looks correct on screen) is spelt wrong, or that you've mixed up your tenses.
Some of us even worry about whether or not we're speaking over our intended audience's head or worse, not satiated their appetite for knowledge.
Nobody is perfect. We all struggle with some of these issues.
We've thought a lot about matching content with audiences, and helping writers ensure that they are hitting all the notes with their intended reader. More than that, we've done research around content performance in a more general way.
We have come up with a unique and transformative tool that not only helps you create quality content consistently, but also ensures greater performance.
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Our scoring system, takes the guess work out of the trivial issues around things like grammar and spelling (which are easily fixed when exposed) and focuses your attention on things that matter even more like whether or not your content will resonate with your audience or if in fact it is properly structured for digital readers.
We think our unique perspective on audience match gets you a lot closer to the people you are trying to connect with through your content. For us, audience isn't about a demographic or psychographic group. Instead we think the way in which your audience relates to your content is of critical importance. It's more about the language you use and the way you structure your content, and less about their age or household income.
Up until now, our tool has only been accessible to people on various Content Management Systems like Wordpress where our clients have seen amazing performance growth, by specifically creating quality content consistently.
One of our clients has grown their page views by triple digit percentages, while another has doubled their Facebook interactions. We don't want to brag, there are lots of great stories, ones we'd be happy to share with you if you ask us.
That's why we were so excited to release our Chrome extension a few weeks ago in the Chrome Store. Now people who don't use a Content Management System to create content can use the tool and share in its efficacy.
More to the point, we're happy to announce that the Atomic App for Chrome now works within LinkedIn, so if you want to try it and use it while you put together your next post, you can.
As we've stated, our target audience metric is about the level of understanding your audience will have with a given topic, not what demographic group they fit in. You can learn more about how we view audiences in this post, but understand that creating content with language, tone and structure for your intended audience is of critical importance.
With the Atomic App for Chrome your ability to fix up your post is entirely up to you. We've linked our content scoring system directly to content quality and performance, so as make edits based on our tool's feedback you drive the score of your post.
It doesn't matter much to us how you get to a higher score, but know that our recommendations can only help you achieve a higher score with your post. We recommend aiming for a score of 65 or more as a very good baseline start for creating a more engaging post.
We'd love to hear about your experience with the Atomic App for Chrome especially if you use it within the LinkedIn "Create a Post" environment.

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