Can You Believe These Results From a Content Scoring Technology?

Throughout 2014 and even going into the new year, one of the biggest challenge with content marketing is creating engaging content, which in truth, is an obstacle to a much larger problem: connecting with our audiences.

This year’s findings collected by the Content Marketing Institute proves that 81% of B2B marketers deem engagement as an important content marketing goal.

70% of marketers from companies of all sizes are creating waaay more content over the last year but the problem is that only 5% of marketers are very successful at tracking the ROI of its own content marketing program.

Luckily, we recognize these challenges and built a content scoring technology that solves these problems. When it comes to creating online content, digital is different.  We take a great story and enhance it for your online audience and provide insightful feedback. This is all achieved through the Atomic App.

We’re proud to share some of the results from the past six months, from our clients of publishers, content marketers and bloggers. Here's what our users achieve when they use Atomic Reach:


So if we've piqued you interest and you'd like to see how the Atomic App works, check out this brief post here.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss how you can boost your content's performance. We can show you how your audience likes to read your content, how to produce quality content consistently and what your Atomic score is.

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