Writing Blog Post Titles: A Beginner’s Guide

…Wait, no, how about “Tips On Creating the Perfect Blog Post Titles.”

No, I don’t like that either. How about… “How To Create the Best Blog Post Titles Ever”? Maybe? No.

Okay, so I have to admit, coming up with blog posts titles has never really been my strong suit. Actually, it’s probably one of the most difficult things to do as a blog editor (other than issues with guest bloggers, but you already knew that). I have spent ages emailing back and forth with contributors with just one question in mind: what the heck are we going to call this thing?

So I did what anyone else in my situation would do--I Googled it. There’s actually quite a bit out there, but I’ve narrowed it down to three basic dos and don’ts:


Do put keywords in your blog post titles

This is probably the most important aspect to your title: what are your keywords? What do you want readers to type into Google to get to your post. Whatever those words are, the main ones should be in your blog post titles, preferably right at the beginning. While your regular readers may get a chuckle out of a cute or humorous blog post title that doesn't convey the point, the presence of a keyword is what will bring in new readers since that's what search engines pick up on.

Do offer assistance

Why should a reader care about your post? What can you offer them that others can’t? Make sure your blog post titles are useful to your readers, be it a review, news updates, or even an opinion piece. For example:

How [KEYWORD] Is Easier Than You Think

Your Cheat Sheet to [KEYWORD]

What Are The Best [KEYWORD] of All Time?

This page has some really good outlines of post titles that specifically offer something to their readers.

Do use power words

Just like there are specific ways to structure your blog post titles, there are some key power words you should be using to draw people in as well. These words are typically pretty simple, but also tell the reader that you have an easy solution to their problems. Some words to consider include “easy,” “worst,” and “free.”

Just make sure you don’t come off sounding like some sort of scam--you don’t want readers to be skeptical of what you have to say!



Don’t make it too long

I find this is a problem with news-related blog posts: there’s so much going on, and you desperately want people to see it, so you cram it all into the title thinking it will attract people. It won’t, as search engine titles are generally around 60 characters long, so any information into your blog post title will wind up unnoticed. You should also keep in mind how people share posts on social media... you don’t want your long blog post title to prevent anyone from tweeting about it!

Don’t rush

You’ve spent hours on your perfect blog post, and you want nothing more than to post it for the world to see. I get that. The thing is, if your title isn’t very good, it doesn’t really matter what the content of your post is, because no one is going to click on it. Take your time in crafting the perfect title to draw readers in. The effort you put into your titles is just as important as the effort into the actual body of the post.

Don’t sound like a robot

I think this is the hardest part, because it’s so easy to focus on keywords and search engines that you can forget that you, the blogger, actually have your own unique voice that needs to shine through. A post that looks like it was written by a machine sounds boring, and people won’t want to read it. Do your best to keep your titles interesting and engaging for your potential readers.

I admitted above that coming up with blog post titles is one of my blogging weaknesses that I’m trying to fix... so what’s yours? Let me know in the comments what blogging skills you’d like to improve! Who knows... maybe we can help!

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