Why Should I Join A Blogging Community?


Blogging communities are all the rage, but how can you tell a  good community from a bad one? You might be thinking of joining one, or you might already be a part of one and are contemplating a switch. The question comes up, of why should I join a blogging community? and the second question of which community should I join?

Joining a blogger community provides you with exposure on other blogs and to other bloggers, increasing your traffic, reach and readership.

It used to be that the way to build a blogging community was through pure, hard, time-consuming work.


Commenting on other blogs, connecting through social media platforms, constantly interacting with other bloggers and readers, to build up a relationship. These are great ways to build up a blogging community, but one of the best ways to start connecting to one is to join one that already exists.

Content curation platforms (oh hey, like ours) function as a blogging community and take some of the work out of building a community.  You still have to interact with other bloggers and readers to build relationships, but the initial connection is made for you when you join a Tribe. You’re instantly one step closer in your relationship with other bloggers, and your visibility (or chances of being seen) are increased. And as a bonus, you increase your visibility with the many brands and publishers we’ve partnered up with.

Blogger communities are great, but a lot of them are subject- based. Niche blogs are great for this type of community, but what if you blog about more than one topic? At Atomic Reach, you can join multiple tribes, with one blog and direct your posts accordingly.

For example if you blog about  the baking you do, your favourite books,  and your not so secret obsession with cars you could join our SWEEThearts, Books, and Bumper Talk Tribes, and instantly connect with other bloggers. You can also start your own Tribe for any subject you can’t find a Tribe for.

Blogging communities take some of the work out of marketing yourself, and Atomic Reach takes some of the work out of blogging communities, helping you to share your content with the right group of people,and ensuring that each post goes to the right audience allowing you more time to blog - and more time to experience the blog-worthy things in life.

Check out how these bloggers use Atomic Reach and continuously increase their traffic. Have your own traffic-increasing secret? Share with us!

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