Why Content Marketing is Good for B2B Companies

In 2011, there were 273, 067, 546 internet users in North America. 273, 067, 546 people were consuming and contributing information in a dynamic and eager fashion, keen on content and knowledge. With such a vast audience online, content marketing has become vital in knowing and connecting with your audience. For B2B companies, good and accessible online content is important for building out brands and audience.

Content marketing allow B2B companies to:

Form a Relationship

Since the internet is easy to use and accessible to the general public, it is the best way to communicate with a target audience. By using a website, writing a blog and leveraging multiple social media platforms, companies can reach their consumers efficiently. Businesses should focus on building a community revolving around a specific topic or subject. The generated content should facilitate a conversation between brand and audience to build trust and reliability.

Generate Sales Leads

“The result of smarter content and social engagement is a more qualified and educated consumer by the time they get to sales discussions which can mean a shorter sales cycle and even an impact on order volume and referrals,” writes Lee Odden.

By having all the necessary information and instructions on a website, businesses can entice and educate their audience and convert them into sales leads. Intelligent content make it easier to engage and converse with potential clients.

Odden mentions, “Over the past few years I’ve heard from many B2B marketers that prospects are leading themselves through much of the initial phases of awareness, interest and consideration by consuming useful content discovered through social channels and published by the brand.”

Create Thought Leaders

Businesses should generate content on a specific topic or subject matter, and become an expert in their field. As Kevin Cain notes, thought leaders offer bold ideas, credible sources and definite opinions. By businesses becoming thought leaders, consumers and clients rely on businesses for news, information and ideas.

Good, relevant and helpful content builds upon a business’ reliability and reputation. For B2B companies, content marketing allow them to engage with other businesses and audiences in a seamless fashion. Forming a relationship, generating sales leads and creating thought leaders are the advantages of content marketing.

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