Why Content Curation is Good For Business


In a growing digital age, businesses are constantly changing and evolving to keep up with the online world. The question arises of how and why we need to curate content. Content curation is not just about pulling information from the web and reposting it. It is about evaluating content and creating a valuable experience for your audience.

So how do we curate?

To properly curate, companies must first decide what it is that they want to communicate with their  audience. Set standards and guidelines. Follow up with human oversight for your content. Automated systems can make it easier to find and post content, but it needs the human touch to preface the information, and to point out exactly why that content has value.

It can be ensuring the most timely news is posted, or making sure that a reader has seen the best reviews for a specific product before purchase, a curator's job is to find the information that is of the most importance to the reader at that moment.

Why do we bother?

There are many reasons why we curate content, all of which centre back to one purpose: establishing and maintaining a relationship with your reader/ customer. How do we create this relationship?



When a reader connects with the content you’ve curated, you’ve made a connection with them. Now you simply have to maintain that connection. How? By continually curating content and  engaging readers through social media platforms.



Curation helps you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the field. The Internet is full of information, and a curator’s job is to focus the information for the target audience, streamlining the most relevant information to their audience. By filtering out the useless information, and adding commentary to the important information, you’re demonstrating that not  only do you understand the content, but you can think about what the content means. You’ve changed the experience the reader originally would have had, imprinting yourself onto their experience by adding to it.



Content curation adds value to the original experience. A good curator adds value to the original content by streamlining it to a specific audience, linking it with related information and adding commentary as to how  and why that information belongs with that audience. Curation then becomes an act of giving, providing an incentive to invest in your social capital (things like sharing and tweeting your posts).

Content curation allows you to show readers your personality. By giving them the information they are actually looking for, you remain top of mind without being abrasive. It drives engagement through social networks, helping your brand to stand out just a bit further.

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