What is content curation and how can I stay relevant?

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Content curation is about identifying an interesting, relevant or fascinating piece of content and reusing it or directing your audience towards it. It is a way of filtering through the noise of the mass online media and identifying the legitimate interesting pieces of work on a particular subject. As a writer, blogger, photographer, or videographer, you want to be identifiable as legitimate, interesting and worth spreading around. You want the content curators to notice you and in turn, help you gain recognition, readers and an expert reputation. A content curator is anyone or anything that riffles through the hub of information and picks out the best pieces of work to share on a particular topic, just like an atomic reach tribe. This person can be a tweeter, a blogger, or an online organization. The point is, you want them to notice you. So how do you make sure your content is “curatable”?

Gone are the days that writers are recognized purely on their ability to tell a story or voice their opinion. Getting recognized is about your presence in the online world, your fans on facebook, your followers on twitter and a few other key factors. Begin working in these few tips to stay relevant and ensure that your content will be spread throughout the online media world.

Start off with strong, concise and accurate headlines.
While a hilarious headline or an inside joke is witty, it may not get you noticed. People want to know what you’re talking about and why it is important. Your headline gives you 7-12 words to set the record straight.

Don’t write a novel on the subject.
We all have places to go, people to see, and other articles to read. No content curator is going to read a thesis on what you have to say about the latest in your chosen subject. Make every word count and you’ll be counting the number of times your article is mentioned.

Make it pretty.
We all love pictures, show us some! Adding a relevant and attractive image to your article or blog post immediately attracts the attention of the reader, now just make sure you don’t lose it.

Get it out there.
Post to your friends facebooks, join blog groups, write for websites, tribes, communities, and forums. The more your article is read, the more chances you’ll have to be curated.

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