Top 5 Curation Tools For The 5 Curator Types

With a rapid increase in social media and the quantity of content online, people are spending more and more time with their digital counterparts. People want to receive quality information quickly. This is where content curation comes in.

Content curation is the next step up from content aggregation. It adds the much needed human touch to make content more relevant to the reader and it ensures that the quality content is pulled out from the growing quantity of digital information.

Curating content is becoming popular with a variety of people for different reasons. There are numerous ways of curating all types of media and each tool offers a different approach. With the many different ways to curate there’s a platform for everybody.

Here’s our definition of the five major types of curation, and the platforms we think you should check out.

1 News Curation

Based in New York City,News. me sends you the top stories from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, straight to your email. They also have an iPad and iPhone app.

2 Image and Video Curation

Pinterest, a “virtual pinboard”, allows users to share and organize beautiful things they find online. Home decor, cooking and baking, arts and crafts, are just a few of the things you can find on Pinterest. It also allows you to upload your own original photos to share the beautiful things you find in the real world.

3 Curate a Magazine
allows you to become the publisher of your own online magazine. Users select a magazine topic and then searches the web for related articles and feeds it to the user who then “scoops” the articles they want to share with others. They can also “scoop” articles they find online themselves, and add articles that other readers think they’d like.

4 Social Curation

Twylah helps you create a webpage of your tweets and drives deeper engagement between you and your followers. It gives your followers insight into what you’re all about by laying out all of your tweets in a visually-appealing page. This platform turns one simple tweet into an entire experience for your followers. Another big plus? Their platform makes your tweets SEO friendly.

5 Brand Curation

Last (but certainly not least) is Atomic Reach. Atomic Reach is a content curation platform, connecting brands with high-quality content from hand-picked bloggers. We help brands leverage content marketing to drive engagement, sales conversions, and brand awareness. It also lets bloggers create their own content communities (aka Tribes) of like-minded bloggers, letting them curate and share each other’s favorite articles on one specific topic.

As you can see, there’s a content curation style for everyone.

So how do you like to curate content? What tools are you using to select and publish relevant and engaging content to your social networks?

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