The Most Important Facebook Status You Will Read All Year


No, the most important Facebook status is not some emotional teenage girl quoting Marilyn Monroe’s line “if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best”.  It’s also not about the tragic death of Paul Walker, whom we all loved (especially loyal Fast & Furious fans).

The most important Facebook status you will read all year is about... wait for it... Facebook!

Facebook continues to roll out updates to complement its latest Story Bumping algorithm, with the most recent one released this week.  Here is a recap of the things you need to know and how they affect you.


Facebook is still king

This is not surprising at all.  Facebook is the biggest driver of social traffic compared to its rivals, and by far.  Twitter, the only other worthy mention, follows at a distant second.  The juggernaut’s average referral traffic from its site to media sites has increased by over 170% throughout the past year and shows no signs of slowing down.

What this means for you:

While it is good to diversify and grow your social media presence via Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. you should primarily focus on expanding your Facebook channel.  This means creating irresistible, finger-licking good content that your fans will fall in love and engage with (i.e. likes, comments, shares).  Thanks to the Last Actor feature, a user’s last 50 interactions will help decide what shows up on his or her news feed next.  So if someone likes one of your recent posts, the chances of your next post moving up on their news feed increases dramatically.

This also means diving deep into your page analytics to monitor your past and present posts' performance.  Track data such as when you post, the organic and unpaid reach, and type of engagement per post.  This will help you draw up correlations and narrow your focus even further on what is successful and unsuccessful for you.


The end of memes?



I know, I know.  I am disappoint.

In order to accommodate the growing trend of people reading current news on mobile devices, Facebook has decided to give priority to high-quality articles over meme photos.  According to their research, people prefer links to high-quality articles about the latest events (e.g. world issues, sports, entertainment) over a quick, funny meme.  As an added feature, Facebook will also suggest relevant topics for readers’ convenience.

What this means for you:

You can still post the odd meme if you’re into that humour, but the chances of it lingering around on everyone else’s news feed is likely low.  What readers will find is that well-written articles on, let’s say, Nelson Mandela’s passing will now show up more prominently.  Notice the keyword here is well-written.  It’s no secret that Facebook is pushing for quality over quantity, and rightfully so.  After all, who wants to read bad content?

The only way for content creators and writers to ensure high-quality content is by putting in extra time and effort into perfecting their craft.  Besides outsourcing this process, there is no shortcut around it.  Go above and beyond, and you will surely be rewarded for it.

Let’s bring back comments

Don’t you hate it when your friends have the most awesome conversations and you somehow miss it?  Even worse is that you then get to hear them reminisce about it at every Thanksgiving for the next 10 years.

Facebook doesn’t want that to happen to you.  That’s why it will start bumping up old stories to your feed whenever your friends post new comments.  Even if you have already read the story, if your party-buddy Kelly comments “OMG that was so me last night”, you’ll likely see it again but with her comment highlighted.


What this means for you:

Make a concentrated effort to create inspiring content that will urge people to comment or initiate discussion posts seeking feedback.  This will ultimately increase your post’s visibility and reach to your fan’s networks, thus bringing in potential prospects.  Again, the obvious key here will be your content's quality, and whether readers feel connected to it enough to provide their valuable comments.  Sometimes even a quick question at the end of your post will do the trick to trigger a response.


Facebook’s latest features show a concentrated effort to drive more engagement and interaction between users.  It is also keeping its promise to reward those who consistently produce the most relevant, high-quality content.  It will be interesting to see what the Silicon Valley giant will unveil next.
Which latest feature do you think will impact you most?

What do you think will be the biggest challenges for creators going forward?


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