The Best Quotes from Jay Baer’s Presentation at Content Marketing World 2013 #CMworld


Jay Baer was an inspiring opener, kicking off the Content Marketing World 2013 show with his presentation on Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype. If you’ve been following the hashtag #CMworld, you know that it is one lightning-fast stream of tweets from the the world’s largest content marketing event.

I decided to curate all of Jay’s best and most inspirational tweets, shared by the very attentive attendees, and boy, did Jay drop a lot of gems.

Below are 35 of the best quotes and examples on why marketers must practice Youtility, a new marketing framework for the age of information overload.

1. If you sell something, you can make a customer today. If you help someone, you can create a customer for life.

2. It's not about creating content, it's about improving your business through content.

3. Be a farmer, not just a hunter. Sometimes you have to plant the seed.

4. Our personal and commercial lives have collided in unprecedented ways.

5. You are competing for attention against EVERYTHING - including cute puppy videos.

6. Just be useful - create things w/intrinsic value and your customers will keep you close.

7. This is the bar your content has to clear on social: "Are you more interesting to me than my wife?

8. Sources of info needed to make a purchasing decision rose from 5.3 to 10.4 in just one year.

9. We need more information today because we have more information today.

10. If you make a bad decision these days, you're just lazy - all knowledge is in your pants pocket! (read: mobile)

11. Consumers are hyper-researching everything, there is no barrier to learning.

12. If you make a bad decision now, you're just lazy. There's no barrier to knowledge anymore.

13. If you think you're providing enough useful information to your customers you are probably not.

14. Commit yourself to taking away the doubts of your prospective customers.

15. Relationships are created with information, not people.

16. Questions create friction. Friction creates dissonance. Dissonance keeps money in buyers' pockets.

17. B2B customers contact a sales rep only after 70% of the purchase decision has been made.

18. If someone has to call you to figure out if they should buy from you, then you're doing it wrong.

19. Trust is the prism thru which all business success must pass. Proactively admit shortcomings.

20. The "lead" is the tip of the iceberg. Your customers are secret shopping right under your nose.

21. You need to run at problems instead of away from them.

22. Worry less about selling better and more about teaching better.

23. Insert your brand into the lives of your customers in a way that they would not have predicted.

24. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger. Transcend the transaction.

25. The problem with most content is that it's about you. Transcend the story, it's not about your products and services.

26. Youtility is marketing so useful, you would pay for it.

27. Data and insight are not the same thing. If you're not talking to your customers, you're leaving insight on the table.

28. Advertising isn't your enemy, it's your enabler. Work together with the paid side of your business.

29. it's not enough to create great content. You have to “market your marketing.

30. Don't treat your customers like a number. You need to create a conversation.

31. Content is fire, social media is gasoline.

32. Inspiration doesn't respond to meeting requests. So be open to respond to it when it appears.

33. Is your marketing so useful that people would pay for it? If not, why not?

34. Stop being amazing, and start being useful.

35. Don't just create content, create #youtility.

What were your favorite Jay Baer quotes from Content Marketing World 2013? Which ones resonate with you the most? Which ones will you apply first thing you get into the office? Let’s discuss below!


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