Studies Shows That These 3 Tactics are the Best for Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be one of the key factors in marketing strategies. However, many are still apprehensive of the execution. According to Content Marketing Institute, B2C marketers use company website articles (84%), e-newsletters (78%), and social media content (84%) for their content marketing. For B2B marketers, 83% use website articles, 78% on e-newsletters, and 87% use on social media.

This is because websites, newsletters and social media are the best methods for content marketing.


While there are different methods to promote you and your brand’s image, website are the most important aspect in your content marketing strategy. People judge books by their covers, and it is the same with judging brands based on their websites.

Websites are a brand’s first and foremost impression on an audience, representing their message, goals and attitude. They allow you to control your image and message. Your target audience will always visit your site for answers to your products, services and going-ons. Therefore, the content on your website must be catered, engaging and informative.

An important idea to keep in mind is a blog on your website. This way, your brand will constantly update to compel your audience to return and continue with their buying process. Quality blog entries will also catch the attention of search engines and improve your SEO.


Believe it or not, newsletters are one of the best methods for effectively communicating with your target audience directly. First off, those who receive newsletters have chosen to receive them. Already, you and your audience are in a relationship where they are avidly active in. Secondly, because they have chosen to receive newsletters, they are genuinely interested in what you and your brand have to say, including news, tips and services.

Remember, e-newsletters serve a great function in reminding potential clients that your brand is active and open for business. By providing promotions and reminders of future services, consumers will continue to check your newsletter and follow through with purchases. A great way to compel sales is to include a promo code or a coupon with your e-newsletters.

For the best times to e-newsletters, check out our post here (The Best Time to Send Out E-Newsletters).

Social Media


With Google and Bing counting social signals (Likes, Tweets, +1) into their algorithms, social media now plays an even larger role in your content marketing. Every Share, Like and +1 is an indication that your website and social media account is worthwhile for your audience, thus the more social signals your content receives, the higher search engines will rank your website.

Additionally, consumers search social media sites for answers on your products and services. As an inbound marketer, the more active you are in social media, the more prospects you will encounter and engage with. Many brands, including FedEx (who has multiple customer service Twitter accounts), use social media to answer questions and to aid consumers through the buying process.

Your Turn

With content marketing evolving and changing all the time, websites, newsletters and social media will continue to be core communication methods for brands into the far future. Do you believe it to be so? What other proven methods are there for content marketing? If you have any tips or advice of your own, comment below.

We’d love to hear from you!

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