Reasons Why People Blog & How Much Revenue They Generate

The decision to start a blog can come from a number of different motivations. Some bloggers may simply want to help others, others want to create conversation around a specific topic, or some may see it as an opportunity to make some extra income.

Generating revenue from your blog can be done in a number of ways, three of which I explored in a previous blog post. But once you have made the decision to monetize, how much revenue can you expect your blog to generate? The answer simply depends upon a number of factors.

Content, Content, Content

No advertiser, guest blogger, or company is going to want to have their name associated with a blog that’s low in quality. In order to generate any revenue, you need to first prove yourself as someone who knows what they’re talking about. The first way to do this is to post a variety of quality content regularly.

According to My Pro Idea, content such as guest blogs are one of the most effective techniques in boosting traffic to your site.The first way to do this is to post a variety of quality content regularly.

Bottom Line: Higher quality content means more traffic and ultimately more interest from advertisers and brands.

Method of Monetization

Once you’ve got the quality content thing down, you can start to think about monetizing your blog. The amount of money your blog generates often depends upon the method of monetization you choose. According to a recent report from Zig Marketing, two-thirds of bloggers state that sponsored content is their most profitable source. Branded posts can generate anywhere from $50-$1000 per post, depending on your following and niche market.

Advertising networks and blog sponsorships were close behind branded content in terms of revenue generation. Using a combination of two monetization methods will help to increase the amount of money your blog brings in.

Blog Size and Niche

The amount of revenue your blog generates is largely dependent upon how many visitors you attract. The number of unique visitors to your blog per month largely relies upon your niche market.

According to a Blogosphere Study, most blogs receive less than 25,000 monthly unique visitors. If your target audience is saturated with similar blogs, the number of unique visitors your blog receives will probably be lower. The longer a blog has been around, the most visitors it usually has. The more visitors a blog has, the more it can charge for content and advertising.

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