Q&A about the Content Scoring Engine: Tags, Post Performance & Costs

It’s only been a few weeks since the release of Atomic Reach’s Content Scoring Engine. Content creators who have been actively checking out and using the platform have emailed and tweeted us with some of their awesome questions.

Here are the answers to this week’s top queries:

How can I make my content easier to find within your engine?

Once you  finish writing a blog post, make sure you include the appropriate tags before you publish it on your blogging platform. Tags should be the major keywords in your post. Think of your readers. Just like a Google search, which words are you mostly to type in to find the content you want?

After you hit publish and the Content Scoring Engine scores your post, it’ll gather the tags you have used.

Did you know: your scores will increase when more people share your content? That’s why it’s so important to make it easier for other users to discover your content through our platform.

My blog post has numerous shares and comments on it, but it’s not being calculated on my Dashboard in Performance. Is there something I’m doing wrong that isn't letting the Scoring Engine get the full picture?

To understand your audience better, you need to share your blog posts via the Scoring Engine.

After your posts get scored, go to: Your Content. If you wrote a recent post or want to show off a post you scored high on, share it. Right now, we only support Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. When your readers, retweet, comment, like, or share, the scoring engine keeps tabs on it and it adjusts your score depending how much engagement you receive.

After the free trial is over, what will the Content Scoring Engine cost?

During the free trial stage, everyone gets unlimited access to all the measures we support and can get multiple blog feeds scored.

Afterwards, our Content Scoring Engine will still be free for bloggers, however they can only score one blog feed per account.


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If your questions haven’t been answered yet, leave a comment below or have a chat with us at: info@atomicreach.com.

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