Prepare Yourself for Google AuthorRank: It Will Influence Your PageRank

In August of 2005, Google filed a patent for “Agent Rank.” The concept behind “Agent Rank” was to determine an “agent’s” ranking by their content and interactions with other “agents.” The patent would allow an individual’s content to be ranked higher than others based on the content’s popularity, relevance and quality. This is no different than Google’s recent and ever-evolving Panda and Penguin updates, whereby rewarding quality and share-worthy content-filled websites with higher page rankings.

However, the problem with Agent Rank in 2005 was that Google lacked a system to identify said independent “agents.” This was until, of course, Google+. Google+ encompasses individual profiles for an easier digital signature. Google Authorship, especially, means that Google can attribute specific content to an individual through their Google+ profile. Seven years later, in 2012, “agents” can now be rated individually based on their content.

Instead of being called “Agent Rank,” however, authoritative websites such as Business2Community and SEOmoz are now referring to it as AuthorRank and that, soon, such a feature will be implemented.

As such, individuals and brands should be well-prepared for this function. Although AuthorRank will not be replacing PageRank, AuthorRank has less chances of being spam and will be well-regarded by Google. AuthorRank will affect page rankings.

Jill Whalen, CEO and Founder of High Rankings, has this to say about the subject: “It makes sense to me that [Google AuthorRank] will eventually be similar to Google’s PageRank. That is, the more high quality authors that mention some other high quality authors (either by linking to them within their own posts or through social media mentions and shares) the more the mentioned authors’ AuthorRank would increase.”

Evidently, content will still be king.

To anticipate the inevitable implementation of AuthorRank, you should:

1. Be on Google+: Start a Google+ profile or page, and stay active in your community.
2. Keep the communication constant and relevant: To be a thought leader of your niche, all your content (blog, website, Google+ page, etc.) must be on topic and helpful.
3. Engage with your audience: Comment, share and start a conversation with those in your Circles.

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Your Turn:

Are you on Google+? Have any thoughts or advice on the subject?

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