New Atomic Tool - The WordPress Viewer Plugin

Atomic Reach is excited to introduce you to our new WordPress Viewer (built by our fabulous tech team).

The Viewer allows you to pull the feed from any of Atomic Reach’s Tribes and display the feed on your site.  You can do this even if you aren't a member! The Viewer can be displayed in one of two ways: as its own page within your site or as a sidebar widget. The Viewer will follow the template design of your page. The app gives you immediate content on  a range of topics, catered to your needs. You can also display the Tribe members on your page, helping you to build connections with like-minded bloggers.

How do you install the Viewer?

There are 2 ways to install the Atomic Reach plugin.

1) From WordPress Admin click on Plugins>Add New.

Search for 'Atomic Reach' and click Install Now. A window will pop up to ask you to confirm the installation.  (If you haven't installed a WordPress Plugin before,  you will need to enter the FTP credential information, if you have installed plugins before the information will still be there.)

Click Proceed to continue the installation. An installation screen will follow and will either list the installation as successful or list any problems that came up during installation. If the installation was successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it or Return to Plugin for further actions.

2) Visit and download the Atomic Reach plugin (ZIP File). Upload the plugin to your blog and activate it. Then you simply add the shortcodes in your pages or sidebar.

Here are the shortcodes to put into your page or widget to pull in the Tribe’s feed:

Be sure to check back for posts on upcoming apps, in the meantime you can check out our Facebook Page Tab to get an Atomic Reach Tribe running on your Facebook.
Have you used Atomic Reach's WordPress Viewer already? Leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

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