Localize Your Content Marketing Strategy to Boost Business

While brands strive to become competitors in the global market place, going global (or even national) can bring new challenges when creating an effective content marketing strategy. According to a new report from the CMO Council, nearly half of all senior marketing executives believe that having a localized content marketing strategy is essential for business growth and profitability.

Customizing content to target local markets often results in content having a greater relevance to customers. Integrating local lingo and familiar landmarks gives customers the ability to better identify with your brand. Marketers believe that localizing content can also create greater customer loyalty and works to create local conversation around your brand. International brands like McDonald's and MTV have been the face of "glocalization" for years as they localize both their content and products to blend in with local cultures. Here are some brands that have taken a creative localized approach to their content marketing strategy.

1. Nike-Be in on the joke

About five years ago, Nike ran a series of ads around Toronto to promote their 10k run. The ads were strategically placed throughout Toronto neighborhoods and addressed specific characteristics of each neighborhood. For example, an ad placed in trendy Queen Street West sported the question, "Hey Queen Street? Too cool to run 10k?" The question was signed by Cabbagetown, another neighborhood in the city.

The campaign worked to create friendly rivalries between neighborhoods and played upon stereotypes of each community.This humourous approach demonstrated that Nike was in on the jokes that many Torontonians share. This allowed citizens of Toronto to better relate to the Nike brand as Nike had demonstrated that they could relate to Toronto.

 2. The Beer Store-Become the face of the neighborhood

Ontario's government funded Beer Store recently launched an entire brand do-over, which included localized advertisements placed throughout Ontario neighborhoods. The ads fused the brands image with the name of each neighborhood and worked to address the community as a whole. One ad in Toronto's Cabaggetown neighborhood used the default font associated with the Beer Store to spell the name of the neighborhood. This allows the neighborhood itself to be associated with the Beer Store brand.

4. Chili's- Utilize social media


American-owned fast-food chainChili's can often be seen utilizing their national brand account to target regional and local messaging. For example, messages may be targeted to one specific town in Florida, promoting a deal happening at a local franchise. Brands like Chili’s have also been known to create regional accounts to better target local markets. These local accounts allow you to create messaging that focuses on one specific market.

5. MTV - Have content reflect culture


Although a globally known brand, MTV is the king of localizing content. Tune into MTV and Brazil and it offers completely different content from Canada. Although some shows maybe globally broadcast, MTV offers shows that reflect the dominant values and culture of a country. For example, the Canadian version of MTV offers a show called 1 Girl 5 Gays that reflects the country's wide acceptance of the gay community.

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