A WordPress Plugin That Tells You If Your Readers Will LOVE Your Content

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our coveted WordPress plugin - the Atomic Reach Audience Engager. The plugin will give Wordpress.org users the opportunity to optimize their content before clicking “Publish”. No this isn’t your grandma’s SEO tool. We leave the meta tagging to the SEO giants. Atomic Reach goes beyond SEO to maximize your content's audience engagement and reach. The plugin takes the guesswork out of content marketing to help bloggers, publishers, and brands confidently produce high quality content for the digital landscape. Below you will find a quick tutorial on how to use our revolutionary plugin to take your content to the next level, but before you do that:

1. Create an Atomic Reach account at http://score.atomicreach.com. It's important that you add your RSS feed and tell us about your target audience before moving on to the next steps. You will find out why this is so important later on in this post.

2. Download the Atomic Reach Audience Engager from the WordPress directory here.

3. Install the plugin with the help of our handy installation guide here or check out our installation video:

3 Easy Steps on How to Install the Atomic Reach Content Optimization Plugin for WordPress from Atomic Reach on Vimeo.

Now on to how our awesome plugin works:

4. Type or paste your content into the main text box and check the ‘Analyze This Post’s Content’ check box. Click ‘Save Draft’ to begin the analysis process. The Atomic Reach Plugin provides users with critical insights in the pre-published stages of writing to help you create high quality, engaging content before you hit "Publish".

5. The plugin will display areas of improvement, such as spelling, grammar, and underperforming links. Clicking on a category (or multiple categories) will highlight these errors within the text. Click on the category again to hide the highlighted errors. We also provide spelling and grammar suggestions within the Content Analysis & Results section to help your post improve in quality.


6. As well as the above mentioned categories, the plugin also reviews characteristics like your article’s uniqueness, emotion, and headline quality. Click "[+]" beside the results (where applicable) to view additional information and suggestions. Only when your score bar reaches green (or a score of at least 60) is your content ready for your target audience. Based on our analysis of thousands of articles, achieving a score of at least 60 will increase your engagement potential. Click "Save Draft" to refresh your content score anytime during the optimization process. When you're ready, click "Publish" and have confidence that your post will perform at its full potential with our content optimization guidelines!


So how good is this plugin?

Glad you asked. This powerful tool can ensure that the time, effort, and budget used to create content isn’t wasted or left to chance. Most people have some articles that do well, and even more articles that just don't perform despite how well written the content is. People who use our content optimization guideline generate a 75% increase in audience engagement! But this simple and easy-to-use tool is only half of the real benefit that Atomic Reach has to offer.

How to Unlock the FULL benefits of the plugin

The Audience Engager works with the Atomic Reach web platform to help you write relevant content targeted to your online audience. Connecting your blog with the www.atomicreach.com engine allows us to run an analysis on your historical content and provide important audience insights. The plugin can't provide suggestions to help reach your target audience without the analysis on your historical data.

Simply sign up with our platform at www.atomicreach.com, enter your RSS feed, and tell us about your target audience. Learn more about the web platform here. Download the plugin here and get the insights you need before you share your content with the world.

So what do you think?

Have you checked out the Atomic Reach Audience Engager for WordPress yet? Do you have any suggestions? We want to hear all about it! Tell us all about your experience using the plugin so far and give us your feedback in the comments below.

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