How Content Curation Enhances SEO

Content is king.

This is even more true after Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates that make relevant and quality content an even more important in search engine optimization (SEO).

For organizations constantly vying for the top spot in search results, content marketing is becoming a more crucial part of their marketing strategies - as seen here on our infographic.

Not every business, however, has the resources or time to create original content on a regular basis. With an abundance of well-researched articles, videos and images on the Web, it can be a challenge to create original content that stands out from the crowd.

So what should brands do? An alternative to creating content is curating content.

Content curation is about discovering, gathering and distributing relevant and interesting content on a specific topic or subject matter. By using a curation platform and displaying curated content on your website, your brand’s Website can be kept up-to-date and feature solid and topical content.

How does content curation help your SEO?


Get linkbacks.

By being an authoritative voice and curating the best content on a particular niche, a key part of the process is providing links to content on blogs and Websites. Not only does this drive traffic, but it establishes a relationship between you and a content creator, creating opportunities to collaborate on the creation of original content or publicizing marketing campaigns.




Generate social signals.

All curated content has a chance to be shared across different platforms and social media networks. Tweets, likes, updates and pins are the social signals open to everyone who comes across your site. Content is not stagnant, and it constantly travels through links and mentions.



Attract traffic.

Through good curation practices (sourcing, sharing, and commenting on content), your brand can become the trusted source. Readers will rely on you for the best, up-to-date information, and will frequently return to your site. Good curators are experts in their fields, and they are often referred to by other creators and curators.

One of the best approaches to enhancing SEO is a combination of creating and curating original content. Frequent examples of

this approach is Intel’s iQ site, an amalgamation of original articles written by their staff and curated content from other online resources. This showcases Intel’s own authoritative voice and the community of their niche.

A key goal of curating content is to provide the best information to a targeted audience, the very crux of content marketing. Thus, content curation is becoming a staple for better SEO.

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