How Blogger Michele McGraw's Bounce Rate Dropped Drastically

Posted on July 09, 2012
By admin

With our previous post, Atomic Reach showcased how mommy blogger Jamie Reeves’s experience with our platform and Ganz World Parent Club had encouraged her pageviews to double. Today, we’d like to share the story of blogger Michelle McGraw, who writes emphatically about technology, gadgets, social media and healthy living on her blog Scraps of My Geek Life. Michelle is an avid contributor of Ganz World Parent Club, and since joining the program her bounce rate has improved dramatically.

“I have seen my bounce rate drop drastically so people are spending more time who are coming through Atomic Reach and Parent Club,” she said. “It was 72% before, and now it’s 52%. Every time I look, it’s going down.” Coupled with Michelle’s great content and Parent Club’s popularity, she’s also seen higher pageviews!

With so many great bloggers involved with Atomic Reach and Ganz World Parent Club, we’re always happy to hear great news like Michelle’s… and, of course, others as well! We’ll be showcasing other testimonials all week. For Michelle’s full experience, you can find it here.

Note to bloggers: If you actively blog about parenting, family celebrations, creative play, tech, recipes, fashion, beauty, fitness, home decor, or crafts you’re welcome to submit a request to join the Ganz World Parent Club Website. The community’s mission is to educate, inform and converse with parents about raising healthy, engaged and active children. Leave a comment here if you’d like to join this growing community!

And if you’d like to see what we’re all about, you can watch this quick video on how we help bloggers. When you’re ready to get started, check out this list of 150+ Tribes and join one! There are many apps and tools that you can use to build your traffic, read about it here.


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