How Atomic Reach Boosts SEO for Bloggers and Brands

There’s a lot of buzz around content curation. Lots of businesses, individuals and marketers are starting to realize the value around this skill to seek, organize and share relevant content with their target audience. Curators reap the rewards of becoming a thought leader in their industry, acting as a go-to source of topical information. What some don’t know is that curation can also be used effectively for SEO and pageranking.


As Search Engine People explains it: “After Google Panda's algorithm update, hosting curated content on a separate domain that relates to your main topic will actually increase your SEO landmark. On top of that, it will magnify your chances of outperforming your competition in search results.”

Now that we’ve settled the fact that content curation helps boost SEO and pagerankings, Atomic Reach has done the same for our clients and bloggers. A great example of this is SavvyMom’s blogger community: SavvyStories. SavvyStories is a curated community of Canadian bloggers for Canadian parents. If you Google “mom advice,” one of SavvyMom’s Tribe,  it's within the 1st page.

Because our communities are built to channel traffic to the bloggers’ sites, our bloggers see benefits in joining our platform. One of our bloggers, Jamie Reeves doubled her traffic while being a part of our platform.


Here’s how Atomic Reach can help your SEO and pagerank:

Search Engine Signals

By implementing our Atomic Reach platform, brands receive a constant stream of relevant content from expert bloggers. This constant stream of content sends signals to search engines, telling them that a brand’s website is updating and providing solid content for an in-demand audience. Through the use of our API, brands can customize their Tribes on their site to better engage with their consumers.

Social Sharing

Atomic Reach takes social sharing very seriously. Search engines pick up on content that is being shared, as this is the best way to affirming an article, image or video’s importance in the flood of Internet information.

At Atomic Reach, we provide many apps, including the WordPress Viewer and the Orb for bloggers to embed their Tribe’s feeds on their blogs. In addition to the social share buttons under each individual contribution on the feed, our Engagement Bar makes it easy for bloggers to share each other’s posts on multiple social media platforms.

Read 6 Ways to Power Promote Your Posts with Atomic Reach for more information.

Increasing Traffic

Through providing relevant, continuous content, brands are able to grow and retain traffic. A target audience requires a reason to return to a brand’s site, and informative and interesting content is the best method for it. The best example of this is Atomic Reach blogger, Michele, who saw a decrease in her bounce rates while participating in our platform.

The landscape of content curation is ever changing, and Atomic Reach is always on top of things. To create a cohesive relationship between brand and blogger, our platform is designed to increase SEO and pagerankings. Sign up to one of our Tribes and see for yourself!

Your Turn

Are you a curator? Are you seeing SEO results from curating content? Comment below - tips, advice, personal experiences - to help our readers!

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