For Brands and Content Creators, It Has to be Win-Win

Creating high-quality content is challenging. It takes time, effort and creativity.

For brands looking to embrace content marketing, a big hurdle is actually getting enough content to offer target audiences. They can create it themselves, contract it, or they curate content from other sources.

But here's an important curation consideration: It's one thing to put content into the spotlight as a way to offer value-added information to consumers; it's another thing to use or "borrow" someone else's content without giving them financial compensation, credit or traffic.

It raises interesting questions for brands because they have to figure out how they offer content in a way that's economical, fair and win-win. The bottom line is content creators have to be rewarded for their work in some fashion. To get the benefit of someone's content without giving back is unfair.

At Atomic Reach, we've come up with a win-win formula for brands and content creators.

When we work with brands that want to get into content and content marketing, we create communities powered by bloggers, photographers and videographers.

At a high level, we provide brands with a user-friendly and cost-efficient way to provide consumers with high-quality content to deliver a more engagement, enlightening or entertaining online presence.

When a blogger, for example, agrees to participate in a community (aka a Tribe), an excerpt of their post appears on a Web page, along with other content contributors. If someone is interested in reading more of a particular post, they're taken to the blog.

For brands, it's a win because they get to offer engaging content to their consumers. For bloggers, it's a win because they have another place to distribute their content AND they can attract more traffic to their blogs.

At the end of the day, everyone gets what they want.

Without blowing our own horns too much, Atomic Reach sees itself as a content platform that serves brands and content creators in a way that makes sense and, as important, works for both sides.

For more thoughts on content curation and the challenges of curation, check out Andrew Hunt's post on the Business 2 Community blog.

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