Five of the Best Infographics to Re-engage your Existing Audience

Discovering more about your online audience, their needs and habits

Know your Audience: Who are they?

Understanding the demographics of your audience is essential for your business. It allows you to zero in on the social networks they are active on, which ensures that your content will be seen by the right people and your audience will grow by attracting the right kind of people.

Check out this infographic on the gender and age demographics paired with social networks they love.

Age Gender Demographics and social media Infographic

Google+ vs Facebook infographic

Are you using the right social networks to reach your target audience?

Your Audience’s Needs

Depending what your goals are it is wise to have different social media strategies to accomplish them. Twitter and Facebook will help you generate sales. Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn will help you drive traffic to your website or blog. And Twitter and Facebook are great means to customer service, building and strengthening relationships. Ultimately, every business is different, so be open to testing out different social networks to see what works best for you. Using the right social media networks will allow you to achieve those goals.

Choose your channel infographic

Are you using the right social media strategies to give your audience the best experience with your business and allowing your business to achieve its sales and marketing goals?

Their Habits: Devices and Social Networks

Knowing the strengths and weakness of each of the major social networks and your audience’s habits can help you determine which social networks you should heavily contribute to or be present on.

Also, being aware of the types of devices they use is helpful. With mobiles and tablets growing in popularity, it is important that your business’ website is compatible.

Take a look at these infographics different demographics, the major social networks they use and devices they use the most.

mobile tech devices infographic

Time Spent Online Infographic

From these infographics, is there a social network you will start using? Have you made your site compatible with mobiles or other devices, or considering it?

Leave a comment below, based on the infographics above, which infographics can best improve re-engaging with your existing audience?

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