5 Content Sharing Facts That You Should Always Keep In Mind

Remember that post I did about social media stats? Well, consider this a sequel of sorts, only with more of a focus on  the best way to share other people’s content and how to make sure your own posts are share-worthy for others.

Read on to find all about the best content sharing habits--with stats to prove it!

What time are you sharing your content?

75% of clicks on a share will happen within the first day of it being shared

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that the time window surrounding a successful social media status update is pretty small and the same goes for anything you share on social media.

If you see a link to something really cool and share it with your personal audience, they will likely only be interested in it for that day alone.

Along with your own content, it is important to keep timing in mind when sharing articles and posts written by others to maximize their reach. Need a refresher on what your timing looks like for different platforms? Here is a helpful overview:

(via buffer blog)

Do you have a strong social media presence?

Social media sharing is the second most important factor in search engine criteria

Actively using social media is great for SEO, so make sure you’re updating your various accounts often! Great content and a strong social media presence work hand in hand to give you the best possible exposure to a wider audience.

Check out this infographic, which goes into all the details about sharing on different social media platforms:


(click to enlarge- via digitalbuzz)

To help create the perfect blend of well-written content and social media promotion, be sure to check out Atomic Reach’s new scoring engine.

Based on your tone and intended audience, you will see how successful your blog posts are and it also allows other users multiple ways of sharing your content on their social media.

Be mobile friendly!

Did you know that 4.8 billion people own mobile phones, while only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush?

People are experiencing and sharing content in new ways, and if your content isn’t mobile friendly, you’re cutting out a sizable chunk of your potential audience. Along with the huge advantage of giving your audience the ability to share your content anywhere and anytime, mobile compatibility also has the benefits of improved SEO and longer visits.

Making sure that what you’re content looks presentable on as many devices as possible is a great way to ensure that more people will share it!

Music and audio posts are important

210, 000 years of music have been played on Facebook

There’s all sorts of different types of content, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to using only text. While visual content is certainly important, you shouldn’t let audio and music be forgotten. Audio-related content is just as readily shared and has the potential to go viral.

For example, take the Welcome to Night Vale podcast—it’s one of the most popular podcasts to recently be produced, and yet there is very little visual elements to it beyond the logo.

Pay attention to pictures!

40M photos gets uploaded to Instagram each day, and 17% of teens consider Instagram the most important social network

Teenagers make up a sizable portion of social media users, and they are also the ones who are really getting into image-based platforms like Instagram and Tumblr.

Increasing your presence on sites like Instagram also increases shareability of your content. It allows you to tap into a new market that can help spread your message.


Readers, how do you share content and what has worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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