Education and Content Curation

Over the past few years, technology has become a staple in the classroom. Schools are constantly striving to keep their equipment up-to-date, including the use of iPads as learning tools.

Many educational publishers are not only producing traditional textbooks but also e-books, Websites and online quizzes. Students are already immersed in technology on a personal level, but now educators must start to make it a part of a student’s academic world.

With new tools available to educators, including apps and online games, teachers have been adopting different teaching methods to engage their students. This includes content curation, which is quickly becoming more a more important part of lesson plans, and even used within independent student workshops.


So, how does content curation benefit students?

Curating content teaches students how to research, cultivate and present their findings to their peers and others around the world. They are engaged in reading in-depth materials focused on a chosen topic or subject matter, and more importantly, students learn how to credit sources.

A key part of Atomic Reach is our focus on education and educating others. Our Tribes are not just for external facing, they are also used as an internal resource to stay up-to-date. For example, our Content Marketing and Content Curation Tribes constantly publish the best articles and news on their particular subject. Our platform is often used to educate and teach our employees and clients about content curation and how to effectively use it.

As information becomes more available online, educators and students must learn to sift through the “noise” to find relevant content. Content curation involves finding and presenting the best information for others to consume. Atomic Reach is a platform that refines and drives the curation process, while providing a user-friendly interface to display a curator’s work.

It’s time educators embraced content curation into their teaching plans.

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