Editors Vital in Content Marketing


As content marketing is now imperative to marketing strategies, brands cannot ignore the value of a good editor. Editors have been trained to comb through countless masses of text to bring out the best content imaginable. Whether that be in copy, video or images, editors are vital for an effective content marketing plan, campaign or document.

On one of our #AtomicChat, we had the pleasure of interviewing C-M Editors (@c_m_eds) on the topic of content marketing and the significance of editors. The reoccurring theme throughout was that editors are necessary for content marketing.

“Content marketing often uses journalistic standards of accuracy and fairness,” Tom Managan of C-M Editors explains. “Credibility is key for brands, and editors are trained to sustain credibility.”

“Editors create consistent quality in the output,” Mark Hoffberg (@markhoffberg) comments.

“Editing seems to be a lost art. I see lots of typos in newspapers these days,” adds Todd Burgess (@tburgess57)

How do editors contribute to content marketing?



As noted by C-M Editors, editors bring credibility to a brand. Editors are trained to shift, move and fix texts to a recognized and journalistic style. Good editors have been working in their field for years, and the best editors are those who have experience in a specific industry: health, education, science, etc. Each topic has a different style and language they adhere to, and the right editor will bring out the best in a piece of content and direct it to right audience.


Every brand has a different target market. It’s safe to say, then, that every content marketing strategy is geared towards a specific audience. Editors can pick up and distribute the right message to the right consumers, and fine tune the language to fit the brand’s personality (or what the market perceives to be the brand’s personality).

Vocabulary is very important to a brand’s image, in particular if the brand is global. The syntax and diction used in a content marketing plan may not resonate to all audiences around the world, in particular for non-native English speakers. Editors who are familiar with more than one language would be an asset to content marketing plans that are drafted to engage more than one community. Editors who are familiar with an industry, as mentioned above, would also be a great asset as they would be able to utilize the industry’s jargon (i.e. internet users would understand jargon such as SEO, trolling, etc.)


Content marketing is not just about articles, blogs, marketing copy, etc. Content marketing also consists of other forms of media such as video, images, games, etc. Editors are versatile and can work with different forms of media to ensure consistency throughout a brand’s content marketing plan.

There are quality assurance editors for apps who write and edit the text, and ensure quality for the overall feel of the app. There are editors who look through infographics multiple times. There are editors who fine tune scripts for videos. Editors safeguard the quality of a brand’s content marketing plan.

Editors are necessary in Content Marketing

For a brand to effectively communicate their message to a target audience, an editor is needed to ensure the quality, grammar and language in a piece of copy. Editors are about the finer details marketers may have overlooked – the last line of defense before a copy is published for all eyes to read. As content marketing is always evolving to encompass different media and evolve into different forms, an editor is vital to ensuring the consistency, message and personality in a brand’s content marketing.

For more information

For the inside scoop and more details about editors in content marketing, check out Tom Mangan’s blog.

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Editors in content marketing are sometimes overlooked. What are other reasons why brands should invest in a good editor? What are your thoughts on editors and content marketing? Make your thoughts known below and add a little more value to our discussion.

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