Content Puts Social Media on Steroids

At the meshwest conference earlier this week in Vancouver, a comment that caught my attention was how so much social media includes a link to content - be a blog post, article, video, photo or graphic.

In many respects, social media is a multi-faceted content delivery system that has the ability to quickly reach a global audience and, at the same time, provide brands with the ability to engage and build relationships with consumers.

As more brands embrace social media and become more sophisticated about how best to leverage social media services, they are starting to recognize the importance of content to differentiate themselves within an increasingly crowded landscape.

This is where content comes into play.

By creating fresh, interesting, engaging and relevant content, brands can better leverage social media to distribute and drive their content into a variety of audiences.

With content established a key pillar within a marketing foundation, brands can then jump-start their social media activities by including links that take people to value-added content.

Without content, social media lacks substance, although it may feature a lot of flash. Yes, social media is a great way to engage and have conversations but many consumers want more. They're looking for information and insight - something that content offers.

The role of content as a way to complement and support social media is one of the reasons why content and content marketing has jumped into the spotlight. A growing number of companies realize social media without content is interesting but not compelling.

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