Content Marketing Contest: and the Winner is

According to Random.Org, entrant #6 won! Congratulations Mike Connell! He just won a $350 Best Buy gift card along with the must-have book 'Managing Content Marketing' by Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi!

Mike joins our Content Marketing tribe as a digital content strategist and relationship builder with over 15 years of experience. He has contributed 25 articles to our growing community with his knowledge, opinions and expertise.

Many thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and keep your eyes open for some more exciting contests coming up soon!

Atomic Fact: Within two weeks, our Content Marketing tribe has received 121 articles from influential content strategists and social media experts. Our Atomic readers can't get enough of them, as we are generating over 100 clicks per article. These clicks have continued to build even after they leave the homepage (usually after 24 hours). The content produced in our tribe has spread through many different channels and touch points, adding value to all our different readers while engaging them on various social networks. Through our tribe, we recognize the impact and effectiveness of producing dynamic content to captivate and engage  a robust community.

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