Content experience via peer based coverage



Among many of the culprits in the recent London riots, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook were deemed accountable as key tools in amplifying the bad behavior. Though we can’t turn back the hands of time, individuals have since used the communication tools to clean up the catastrophe. Efforts from Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Google were all leveraged to better the aftermath of the riot; from broadcasting clean up locations, to attempts to identifying rioters involved in the mess, the people behind the tools were making it happen.

On a macro level, this represents the negative and positive capabilities of social media; the power enveloped within these communication tools. On a smaller scale, the positive actions taken toward the incident epitomize the strength in online relationships and influence within social networks. With more than 78,000 followers accumulated, the twitter account @riotcleanup itself became both an online experience and a call to action that transformed words into reality.

Aside from media broadcast and attention drawn to the incident, the @riotcleanup account has drawn many online viewers and twitter advocates to the web destination, because not only did it provide a content experience but it also meant staying on top of the incident and knowing exactly what was happening in real time. Quick updates, awareness creation and speed of delivery have generated substantial interest and collective effort in the aftermath; but could you imagine a stronger experience that gave you greater depth (in more than 140 characters) from your local peers?

This would function as a great source of quality information, while delivering to all social media users a contextual experience with peer opinions, views, information and facts. Imagine if there was one destination hub with a consistent flow of high quality blog content, circulated twitter opinions, video and photo coverage of current events covered by peers from your local city. Now, wouldn’t that be interesting.


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