Content Curation and Duplicate Content

. This causes problems for search engines because they have a hard time deciding which URL to display in their search results. Search engines are, therefore, forced to choose one over the other, and the URL displayed may not be the one brands want to promote, particularly when their content is being syndicated elsewhere.

With Google’s Penguin update, duplicate content is punished, however unintentional that may occur. This is because “in some cases, content is deliberately duplicated across domains in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings or win more traffic,” says Google. “Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin.”

Therefore, unintentional acts of duplicating content through content curation is a concern, but Atomic Reach’s platform prevents such accidents. Atomic Reach doesn’t replicate the entirety of an article, making it easier for search engines to hone in on the brand’s desired URL. Instead, the platform provides the title and a synopsis of the article that links back to the original content. When a user clicks on a post from a Tribe’s feed, they are taken to a page that renders the blog post within an Engagement Bar.  This results in a pageview for the blogger and a brand impression for the brand.  Our Engagement Bar also enables sharing of related content which can drive additional pageviews to the brand or the blogger depending on who authored the article.

More importantly, Google does not penalize quality content or community involvement. In Atomic Reach’s case, our platform allow brands to customize titles and tags. By changing these characteristics, brands are adding their own opinions to the contributed posts, which hold value in Google’s search results. With the concentration on Tribes, an audience gathers around the brand’s chosen topic and continues to visit the community for information. The traffic concludes the brand’s reliability.

Todd Lohenry explains, “First, if you’re just aggregating content into your website, yes, it is most likely duplicate content. But if you are curating the content, pulling great (not all) information from elsewhere — manually, not automatically — adding your own perspective to it and grouping things into collections of useful information, that is valuable stuff.

This is unique presentation of information that exists nowhere else and is not duplicate content. [...]

Secondly, if you are providing a valuable service by finding the best information on a subject, responding to a need of a community of people interested in your topic, you will establish your brand as an authority and build audience engagement. Our results demonstrate that engaging your audience in this way, is a highly effective method of growing your community.

Moreover, Karlos from WordpressthemesV comments on Beth Kanter’s blog: “Duplicate content does cause problems, but it’s NOT the appearance of duplicate content, it is the absence of unique content. Your site can contain lots of duplicate content, but as long as a page contains enough unique content Google is happy.”

Atomic Reach’s purpose is to provide brands with unique content.Our platform encourages social sharing and helps brands boost their SEO by delivering relevant and quality content in a consistent manner. By adding your own opinion, sharing the articles and providing reliable content, curation helps your SEO and your authority.

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