Building an online brand presence-What’s not to like?

Posted on May 19, 2011
By admin

Building a brand presence online? More important than what’s not to like, is the, why like it? This is the key question that brands should be asking when building a Facebook page, a Twitter stream or any other social media account you can name off. It’d be far too easy to say just create a page, log in on a daily basis and watch your fan base grow.  To increase awareness and build an influential online presence, you need to work.  Brands need to be aware of what’s working and what is not. In a large pool of voices competing for customer attention, how do you do you reel in the fans and followers and get them to bite with a “like”? More importantly, a “like” that is actually meaningful…one attached to a real customer prospect.

1. Knowledge is power. In this day and age, a handful of five star product reviews written by your loyal consumers and flashy coupons on a website just won’t cut it anymore.  Research shows that affluent consumers want to tune in and revisit content spaces that keep them informed and improve their knowledge. This highlights the importance of maintaining a current, relevant and engaging content strategy. The old notion of knowledge is power and quality over quantity prevails as an effective method in attracting an engaged online audience.

2. Reeling in the big fish. They’re all important, but finding influential and active social media consumers can really help to get the smaller fish to follow the leader. Active social media influencers act as brand representatives and having them “like”, “follow” and document experiences with your brand expresses a public association with what your brand stands for.

3. Don’t underestimate the less tasty bait. Although, Facebook is the number one Social network on the list, other specialized communications channels are just as important and are equally successful in broadening the fan base. In this case, a balance of quantity and quality wins out. The more accounts you have, the greater the population of consumers it reaches but you still need to produce content that is informative and enticing.

Remember to keep your message from being drowned out, be clear and consistent, and your school of fish are bound to come floating in.

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