Blur the line between brands and publishers

Posted on June 01, 2011
By admin

Terms like “drive traffic”, “gain traction” and “go viral” are escaping the mouths of all those plugged into the online world. These are the obvious online objectives for any business, brand, opinion leader, influencer and publisher on the web. Take these objectives and build a plan around it. First analyze the situation; two of the key factors in approaching your audience that is necessary for consideration are the quality of content and its form of delivery. Then take action by building an approach so that your message doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

One of the important strategies that brands are just now learning is how to behave like a publisher. If you’ve ever wondered why Twitter and Facebook have acquired a great amount of success, part of this lies in their ability to transform brands into publishers. Behaving like a publisher involves, assuming the role of an editor. That means, filtering out the irrelevant content and producing selecting interesting and compelling content that is entertaining, informative and fun to read. In curating engaging content, you build a reputation and credibility with your audience while transforming into a trusted publisher.

Don’t forget about appearance. Presentation is also a large part of publishing. Spruce up your approach and make it visually dynamic and entertaining to capture your audience’s attention. Integrate these three components in angling your brand as a publisher to build a content experience, and you’ve got a simple strategy going.

Finally, social activation; spread the word and take action. When you’ve got the flowery visuals and the “must-read” content down to an art, make sure it’s available to your audience. Extend your reach by publishing through social media outlets. Becoming a credible online voice as an opinion leader can make your message more buzz worthy, fostering the growth of your communication. So what are you waiting for? Build a plan, behave like a publisher, create a captivating content experience and let your message be known.


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