Blogs: For Some It's Quality vs. Quantity

When you write a blog, one of the key dividends is traffic: the more visitors, the better. The number pageviews is a leading way to  measure the successful of a blog

But for some companies, qualtity is more important than quantity - a view espoused in a recent post by Robert Jones (aka Kezanari). What Jones put into the spotlight is not all blog traffic is equal.

There are different kinds of visitors, who have different "value"based on what you want them to do.

If a blog uses advertising to drive business, traffic can be important to provide advertisers with as much consumer exposure as possible. For a lot of other businesses, however, they may want blog visitors who are really interested in the products or services they sell. If they find the blog interesting, it may encourage these type of people to consider a product purchase.

For these kind of blogs, quantity rules over quality. There can be a modest amount of visitors but if many of them are potential customers, that's perfectly alright. In these cases, the goal is doing a good job with the content and calls to action to establish relationships with these visitors.

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