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Posted on July 06, 2012
By admin

Atomic Reach is a content curation and marketing platform geared to helping bloggers and brands work together to collectively expand traffic, readership and reach.

Bloggers join a community (aka Tribe), where they will find lots of tools to share and promote each other’s content and connect with people.

Tribes are based on specific topics where bloggers contribute relevant posts to the community’s topic. Each contribution is linked back to the original post on the blogger’s website, thus facilitating traffic.

Since the success of a Tribe is dependent on social sharing, Atomic Reach makes it easy for bloggers to contribute and share their content across multiple platforms. Here are the apps that help make Atomic Reach bloggers and Tribes so successful:


Atomic Reach offers an array of Streamers that make contributing content easy. These Streamers pull in from any     type of blogging platform. Besides article contributions, members can also contribute videos and images through the   YouTube and Flickr Streamers. These Streamers automatically push future articles from the blogger’s website onto the Tribe’s feed, negating the necessity for bloggers to do so manually.


Reach It Bookmarklet
With just one click of the Reach It bookmarklet, you can send content to any of the Tribes you belong to. It also makes it really easy to push content you just published on your sites without having to visit Atomic Reach. Simply drag the button to your toolbar and Reach It!


Facebook Page Tab
Download the Facebook App to display a Tribe’s feed in its very own tab on your Facebook Page. This is a great way to promote your content along with other members’ posts. Your Facebook friends can read fresh content from your Tribe feed without having to leave your Facebook page. Like all things Facebook, “Like” buttons beside each Tribe contribution encourages further sharing.


The Orb is Atomic Reach’s very own app, designed specifically as a simple way for bloggers to embed the Tribe’s feed onto their blog. It, too, displays a Tribe’s feed, and it’s designed to be fluid rather than obtrusive on a blogger’s website. Not only is the Orb convenient and discreet (it fits rather nicely on a sidebar), it’s also accessible by non-members of the Atomic Reach platform. Any blogger who wants to follow or promote a Tribe, but not contribute or participate directly, can place an Orb on their site for their readers to read over. The Orb is also very versatile and customizable to the blogger’s preference. You can see our Content Marketing Orb in action on the sidebar of this blog.

Our mission at Atomic Reach is to focus on developing platform tools and apps that are versatile and deliver value to bloggers and brands. Our apps are well designed for convenience and accessibility, and are easy to apply. For bloggers who are having trouble finding other bloggers who share the same interests, or who wish to expand their readership, Atomic Reach has streamlined the process to be both fun and explorative, and the best part, its free for bloggers.

NEW Atomic Updates:

Tweet, tweet!
Add your Twitter handle to your Atomic profile and we automatically include @via:yourname anytime someone shares your article from our Tribe feed

WordPress App
Our new Wordpress App will be released in the second week of July lets Wordpress users add the Tribe feed to a new page on their blog. Designed for the non-technical user, a few simple parameters enable you to make custom changes to how content is displayed and our App will even follow your Wordpress design theme

New Facebook App
Our new Facebook App will be released in mid-July, geared to support multiple Tribes, a custom banner and offers flexibility over the format in which the content is displayed.

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