#AtomicChat Recap: Tips from Steve Cassady on How to Leverage New LinkedIn Changes

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Lately, LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network, has been creating a lot of buzz with updates, changes and a profile page revamp. We were eager to learn how to navigate around these changes so it was only natural to have  Steve Cassady be a guest speaker on #AtomicChat.

Steve Cassady is a a business consultant and Linkedin Coach who co-moderates #LinkedinChat on Tuesday nights.  With his expertise and knowledge, Steve shared tips on how to optimize the new profile pages, how to get more engagement in groups and many more!

We are also really proud to say that #AtomicChat was trending on Twitter!

Read below to check out the highlights from Monday night's chat.

Q1. What are some tips you can give me to optimize my NEW personal LinkedIn profile?

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Q2. Where are the recent LinkedIn changes?

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Q3. Have LinkedIn endorsements become meaningless?

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Our #AtomicChat members also had a lot to say about the endorsements.

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Q4. What's your take on premium accounts?

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Q5. Saying goodbye to LinkedIn Answers, saying hello to..? Is LinkedIn substituting this for something else?

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Q6:How can a company optimize their LinkedIn page? What are your top tips?

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Cendrine also made a good point that all brands should remember when using social media.

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Q7. How can I get more engagement for my LinkedIn Group?

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Q8. What or who are the best resources to stay on top of LinkedIn news?

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Thanks to Steve and everyone who participated in the chat! We had a great time, as usual.

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For more tips on LinkedIn, check out Steve Cassady's LinkChat group on ... you guessed it, LinkedIn.

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