#AtomicChat Highlights: How to Get More SEO Value From Your Blog

Thanks to all those who participated in last night’s #AtomicChat! We had some great questions and a lively discussion filled with informative details on how to improve your SEO skills in the post-penguin world. Last night’s topic was: Getting More SEO Value From Your Site: The Basics with special guest host Christine Pantazis  (@Wedding_crasher).

Don't worry if you missed the discussion! I’ve put all the tweets here, arranged them by questions, answers and tweets from some of our followers that got in on the chat.

Q1. How can content creators benefit from implementing relevant content to improve SEO?

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Producing relevant content is important to ranking higher on search engines such as Google because in the post-penguin era high quality content gets rewarded, especially when it’s shared a lot. When people share your blog posts on Facebook or Twitter, it shows Google the trustworthiness of your blog as a resource that people rely on and thus establishes your blog as a thought leader in your niche field!

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@PrincessVespa tweeted about installing SEO as an "add-on" or "plug-in" but it was pointed out that SEO really isn't something you can upload or install to your blog. It's a process that involves creating and implementing a long-term marketing strategy.

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Q2. How do we go about using keywords to optimize blog posts?

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@WordWhacker chimed in with a great question about SEO keywords in blog writing! Check out this blog post to get an in-depth take on using negative keywords to improve your search engine ranking with Google AdWords.

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Q3. How can you write content that is heavily focused on your keywords, without looking spammy?

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Q4. How does social sharing benefit SEO?

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Q5. How can you get high-quality backlinks using SEO?

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We agree re-naming jpeg files is a great tip for optimizing your images for social media and search engines.

Some Extra Tid-Bits...

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Adding your blog posts on Google+ is a great way to improve your blog's ranking because Google trusts content that has been shared  and endorsed by your network of friends and followers.

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Your Turn

Do you have any SEO tips to add to last night's chat? I'm sure you do! Add them below, we'd love to hear from you.

We host our #AtomicChat every Monday at 9PM EST 8pm CST 6pm PST! Hope to see you there next week!


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