Atomic Reach’s New Family Member: The Drawer


Meet: the Drawer.

It’s the newest addition to Atomic Reach’s family of engagement systems. It houses articles, social media buttons and a comment engine. It allows brands and bloggers to engage with their audience and community more directly.

The Highlights

The Drawer is about:
- Engaging with customers and utilizing sales conversion tools
- Implementing customizable features
- Providing pageviews for both brand and blogger
- Displaying optimized visual designs for mobile devices

Prime Real Estate

When the Atomic Reach team decided to create a better system to enhance user experience and brand awareness, the Drawer was the result. It’s a rendered page that’s displayed beside blogger content and can be hidden or unhidden along the side of the screen. It functions primarily as a prime real estate area for customer engagement and sales conversion tools, such as ads, coupons, special offers and calls to action.

It’s About Your Style

The Drawer is also a customizable system. Users can select from several display options, and can edit the design and layout of the Drawer through the advanced settings in the engagement module (releasing soon). To encourage reader involvement, the articles displayed in the Drawer are dependent on their popularity in the Tribe, their curation date, and their relation to the author of the blog displayed.

Cohesive Relationship

Since the Drawer is about cohesion between brand and blogger, both the brand and the blogger get a pageview when the Drawer is activated.The brand gets a pageview for the Drawer and the content in the Drawer. The blogger gets a pageview for their article. This is because the content in the drawer is different from the content on the blog.

Visually Compelling

Designed to optimize the content and the delivery of consumer engagement tools in an array of devices, many of which are now manufactured with the 16:10 display screen, the Drawer is about social sharing and community building. Currently, the Drawer is only available for brands, but will be available for bloggers in the near future.

For an example of the Drawer at work, check out Off the Grid TO and click on an article. As always, we appreciate your comments and feedback so drop us a line and tell us what you think.

The Atomic Reach Team

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