Engaged audiences are profitable audiences. Atomic Reach has your solution.

The original Atomic Reach platform connected bloggers and brands, effectively providing brands with high-quality third-party content to bolster and boost their online presence. Bloggers attained an audience and reputation through relationship-building with major companies. Brands gained valuable readership, traffic, leads and revenue.

Now, Atomic Reach provides pre-amplification insights into content quality and audience engagement -- quantitative, data-driven analytics to refine content performance before it’s published to the world. Because content quality is the most valuable factor when it comes to engaging audiences and boosting reach.

Based on human assessment patterns, we’ve created an engine that scores the quality of your content and its compatibility to your target audiences. The better your content is, the better it will score. The engine identifies strengths and weaknesses in your blogging approach and identifies critical opportunities for improvement. It matches your content with your customers' knowledge and topic comprehension levels, unlocking its full potential to maximize audience engagement. Exclusive Atomic Reach analytics help you make informed decisions before you publish, so your content always gets the attention it deserves.

Leading industry experts agree that creating high quality content is essential for establishing your expertise, nurturing trust with your readers, and building far-reaching influence:

  • I am a firm believer in the notion of better content, not just more content. Whatever you do it needs to be of the highest quality and it needs to stand out. - Will Davis (Co-Founder at Right Source Marketing, blogger at Marketing Trenches)
  • As content marketing evolves, marketers are realizing that quality truly does trump quantity. - Chris Goward (Founder at WiderFunnel)
  • Crap at scale is still crap. I’m all for volume, but never at the expense of quality. - Doug Kessler (Co-Founder and Creative Director at Velocity)
  • Given an increasingly noisy content landscape, the way to stand out from the white noise is with genuine quality content... - Arnie Kuenn (President at Vertical Measures, author of Accelerate! The Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing)
  • If you focus on epic content that your customers/prospects share, to heck with Google’s algorithm. Great stories win! - Joe Pulizzi (Founder at Content Marketing Institute)

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