Atomic Reach Gives Bloggers More Reach and Readers

We know bloggers are looking to expand their reach and readership. Meanwhile, brands want new ways to embrace content to drive engagement, awareness and sales conversions, which explains why content marketing is a red-hot topic.

So how can bloggers and brands get together?

After a lot of hard work over the past few months, we’re excited to unveil the new and improved Atomic Reach platform! Our social publishing platform connects bloggers creating high-quality content with brands looking to establish a new content community.

It’s a win-win proposition that drives more traffic to blogs, while giving brands a new way to engage consumers with a steady flow of targeted content.

So, what's new for bloggers? Here’s a few highlights:

Content is a snap - If you want to create a Tribe (a content community around a particular topic or interest) or join a Tribe, it's easy to contribute, manage and market using our using-friendly dashboard.

Improved performance - with our new social sharing features, everyone can pin, post, plus and tweet their favourite articles from the Tribe buiilding awareness and driving traffic to one another’s blogs.

Partnering up with brands - we’ve opened up the Tribes section so that everyone, including brands, are free to explore all the rad communities being created by you. This gives them a chance to partner up with the best social content that bloggers have to offer.

If you're a blogger, sign up to the Atomic Reach platform to see how you can get more traffic, readers and reach...and the opportunity to pair up with leading brands!

Stay tuned to tomorrow's post where we write about how brands can use our platform to leverage content to grow their business.

Tags: Content Marketing