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Posted on May 24, 2011
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Mark your calendars my Atomic friends! The date has finally arrived. May 25th and 26th Atomic Reach will be attending the long awaited mesh Conference! We’re sitting on the edge of our seats ready to share, connect and learn more from the speakers, web gurus and thought industry leaders at the mesh Conference.

We’ve decided to open up the conversation so that you can see what is hot at mesh even if you are unable to attend the conference.  The exciting news: everyone can participate! Just look at our W5H to find out more about it.

Atomic @ Mesh

What is it? Atomic @ Mesh is what we Atomic users like to call a Tribe –  an online community of attendees, speakers and thought leaders who participate by sharing their experiences at the mesh Conference during and after the event.


Who will be participating? Our Atomic @ Mesh Tribe will consist of guests, speakers and industry thought leaders attending the mesh Conference


Where is it being held? The Tribe begins at the mesh Conference Toronto, Canada! Where else? And the conversation continues online on our platform at:

When? May 25th, 26th and ongoing


Why join?


  1. Keep the conversation going. Just because the conference has ended doesn’t mean the discussions have to end. Keep mesh alive by tuning in and voicing your opinions on the topics discussed at the mesh Conference 2011.
  2. Simply because you benefit. Active contributors drive more traffic and awareness to your existing websites. Atomic @ Mesh features the first three sentences of your post, if someone is interested in reading the entire post, Atomic Reach will direct them back to your website!
  3. If you’re more of a “behind the scenes” kind of person, tune in and stay updated about the latest news in web marketing, business, media and society.

How? Register with an Atomic Reach account through invitation by sending an email with mesh in the subject line to and you will be invited into the Tribe immediately.

Don’t forget, you can share your thoughts “live” by writing articles and publishing them through the Atomic Reach in real-time.  We look forward to seeing you at Canada’s largest web conference and your participation in Atomic @ Mesh!

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