6 Ways to Power Promote Your Posts With Atomic Reach

Posted on July 24, 2012
By admin

Atomic Reach has always been a social sharing platform that encourages members to contribute and participate in their Tribes. One of our frequently asked questions is how do members go about sharing each other’s posts. This is an important question because sharing is the only way you’ll get more traffic, readers and reach. And it’s much more fun to share with others!

Here are some of the ways we’ve compiled to help you!

The Tribe’s Feed

The Tribe’s feed is the destination where curators and contributors visit on a daily basis to select and share their favourite articles from fellow Tribe members.  Share articles and credit the author with a shoutout on any of your social media channels, and other Tribe members will do the same for you.  The result: more traffic, content and exposure for everyone.

Engagement Bar

When people click on an article in your Tribe’s feed, a header will appear on top of the chosen content. This header is the Engagement Bar, where several social sharing buttons allow users to easily share articles through their social media channels. There is also a back button to redirect users back to the Tribe’s feed.

For members who like to tweet, make sure you fill in your Twitter handle. This way, when someone shares your article through the Tribe’s feed or the Engagement Bar, your handle will automatically be inserted into the tweet to give you full credit.

Facebook Page Tab

This app displays your Tribe’s feed as a separate tab on your Facebook page. This is a great way to promote your content along with other members’ posts. It also allows your network to read fresh content from your Tribe without having to leave your Facebook page. Along with Like buttons, the Facebook Page Tab makes it easy for you to push posts onto your Wall. You can read more about it here.

The Orb

The Orb is a widget that bloggers, brands and publishers can place on their websites using a short piece of code. It displays excerpts from your Tribe’s feed that link directly to other bloggers. Orbs are a great way to shine the spotlight on your Tribe and promote your fellow Tribe members who are out promoting you. Like the Wordpress Viewer, you do not have to be a member to use an Orb. For your very own Orb, visit here.

Wordpress Viewer Plugin

The Viewer displays a Tribe’s feed on your Wordpress site as either a sidebar or its own page.  You can use this plugin even if you aren’t a member! The Viewer will follow the template design of your page and can also display the Tribe members on your page, helping you to build connections with like-minded bloggers. Check it out here.

Atomic ‘Reach It’ Button

The Reach It button is Atomic Reach’s very own bookmarklet! With just one click, you can send content to any of the Tribes you belong to. It also makes it really easy to push content you just published on your site to your Tribe without having to visit Atomic Reach. Encourage others to get their own Atomic ‘Reach It’ button and they can upload content to the Tribes too. Simply visit and drag the button to your toolbar and “Reach It!”

Atomic Reach is all about like-minded members contributing, participating and sharing each others’ posts. People who share the same passions and ideas are people who are enthusiastic about distributing information and being involved in the process. Curating content is always about providing the best material to the best audience.

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