5 Things I Learned from Facebook Marketing Webinar with Amy Porterfield

If you are an online marketer or a Facebook administrator, you’ve probably heard of Amy Porterfield. For those of you who are not familiar with her name, Amy Porterfield is a Social Media Strategist and the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. She is THE Facebook guru.

Last week, Amy Porterfield and Michael Crosson hosted a webinar to share Facebook marketing secrets. Of course, I had to take this opportunity! Here are some of the highlights and tips that grabbed my attention.

1. Reach 1000 Fans!

While it may be true to some extent that the quality of Fans is more important than the quantity, the number of Facebook Fans still plays an important role for your brand. Amy Porterfield provided the webinar participants with an interesting statistic. An average company saw a 185% increase in site traffic after crossing 1000 Facebook Fans. So even if you’re a small business, aim for 1000 Fans!

2. Your About Section is Important

When you create a Facebook Page, you’re asked to fill out the “About” section but did you know that this section can affect your SEO? Amy also mentioned that many Page administrators forget to include the URL to the brand’s website. Including the URL in the “About” box will help direct your Facebook fans to the website.

3. Timeline Cover

Another thing that you may want to ensure is to have an attention-grabbing timeline cover without violating Facebook guidelines. Note that one of the newer guideline limits text and words to 20% of the image. Amy also shared some of the swoon-worthy timeline covers. Here is one example that I really liked:

Whole Health Designs was able to promote their free event without breaking Facebook’s guidelines for cover photos! The cover photo is also vivid and tells their Fans what their brand is about.

4. Call to Action

This one is a great effective tip for Pages that lack engagement and interactions. According to studies, call-to-action posts on Facebook provoke more engagements such as comments and Likes. Here are some of the call-to-action post examples:

Next time you post something, be sure to TELL your Fans to Like or comment on you post.

5. Sneak Peek of Blog Post

If your brand has a blog or writes articles, this is a must-try strategy! When promoting your blog posts or articles on Facebook, Amy Porterfield suggests giving your Fans a sneak peek of the article. This can be simply done by taking a screenshot of a web page and uploading the screenshot image.

If you would like to learn more Facebook tips, read our 10 Must-Know Facebook Marketing Guide.

Did you participate in one of Amy Porterfield’s Facebook webinars? What were some of the things you learned?

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