5 Content Curation Ideas to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

While content curation is the biggest buzz this year, companies and individuals are still unsure about how to use it. What most don’t realize is that content curation has many advantages and it helps overcome one of content marketing’s biggest challenges: producing original content. Well-executed content curation can help with writer’s block and boost your overall content strategy. Here are 5 worthy curation ideas to fill your content plan.

5 Content Curation Ideas You Can Execute Right Now:

1. Research and repackage expert tips

You may not be an expert on a certain topic but with excellent online research skills you can create a valuable list of top tips for yourself and others. Consider aggregating tips from various experts in your industry on a given topic into a list for one great piece of curated content.

2. Start a weekly ‘round-up’ post

Create your own industry or niche-focused-resources round-up post. Google Reader is a great place to start if you have tons of subscriptions organized by topics. An alternative site to use is Alltop. This site regularly posts all the top blog articles and categorizes them by topic for your convenience. Once you have pulled together a collection of posts, provide a broad overview of the links. Make sure to give credit back to the authors, including link backs and attributions.

3. Curate a list of popular quotes

One of Hubspot’s recent and best-performing e-books is a great example of this. The e-book “101 Awesome Marketing Quotations” is simply a compilation of various inspirational quotations from marketing experts, presented in a visually stimulating way. Create a post with strong visuals to complement the list of quotes. By adding value with visual elements, you can take your curated content to the next level and make it even more successful.

4. Curate polls and surveys to offer relevant data

A number of social platforms offer efficient services for organizing quick opinion polls and surveys. Use sites like Quora to pose a question to your Twitter followers. Create mini polls on Facebook or LinkedIn. The curated responses from these “real time” queries can be repurposed as a blog post or expanded as social media content.

5. eNewsletter

Instead of creating and editing all original content, consider packaging the best of the industry each week in a tidy e-newsletter. Create a hybrid curated newsletter that combines links to original and third-party content. Highlight your best content within the context of a larger conversation that is happening within your industry. Using this model will position your business as a leader that is tuned in to what’s going on.

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